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Chronicles of Esshar is a collaborative roleplaying game with realtime, action combat, crafting, hundreds of abilities, guilds, housing, a player run economy, and many other features that enhance and enrich the focus on storytelling and character development. Our community consists of hundreds of active roleplayers that are the driving force behind the various factions, contributing to the developing narrative of the lore rich world.

It is strictly roleplay, designed with that in mind: The characters age over time, and engaging in conflict has the chance of permadeath. When you roleplay with other characters, you automatically gain EXP and gradually level up. As you contribute to the story (perhaps through a guild or events) you'll also have the opportunity to develop rare abilities, defining your character further.

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Esshar - The setting / country, information on the founding and general history of the country, as well as its customs.
Eternia - The world in which the Universe is set. The different planes, continents, and countries. For the most part, this is irrelevant to your playing experience, as the focus is on Esshar.
Timeline - A timeline of important world events. It is currently late into the 16th century.
Magic - A general overview of magic. The Elements, Metaphysical, the Arcane, and Casting Styles.

How To Play
To join the roleplay, download the game using the installer
It's less than 60MB. You may need to make an exception for your firewall and anti-virus, however, if that causes issues.

Once installed, you'll be able to open the launcher. You should then register an account by clicking 'Login' in the top left, or you can join as a guest to check things out (but your character won't save).

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When making a new character, you'll be able to choose which starting location. As of writing this, it's Moonfall (Witches and Druids), Osrona (Knights and Priests), and Theria (Viking-esque raiders). Afterwards, you'll select your race: humans, drakanite (partial dragons), or beastkin (partial animals). Then you can choose your name, general appearance, and spawn into the world. 

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"The sun was blotted out by black ash, and the air was on fire. We watched as our great city was rocked by tremors and collapsed around us, but we fought. We fought and fought. Until the demons were forced back into their storybooks, monsters and myths for mothers to scare their children to behave with. That was over fifty years ago... and it changed the world forever."

The year is 1730AC.... the past fifty years were eventful: The Reckoning of Great Dragon Garljing, the decline of the Essharan empire, and the coming of Aschea.

The country was in a state of recovery from the attacks of the Elysium Coven and the demonkind, the last battle between the people and the creatures of the night having taken place directly in Osrona, where the demons harnessed a ritual that spread concentrated plague lands throughout the city, turning stone to rust. The defenders, while victorious, lost much of Osrona to the attack and hundreds of thousands of more were killed.  Following this event, the impact sent ripple effects that would motivate opportunists to declare independence during the turmoil, with much of the country no longer unified.

This gradual decline led to the rise of independent kingdoms, and all was at risk when the Empire of Barsburg attacked. After settling into a ceasefire with its longtime enemy, the Empire of Aen, the expansionist nation set its eyes on the entirety of Esshar.  One by one, territories fell to the invaders and those that remained had to fight tooth and nail to force them back, losing lives and wealth in the process.

Many blamed the unwillingness of Theria and Osrona to ally against the threat, and Myllenoris for doing all but nothing - likely because at the time the King of Osrona had made it clear that he didn't trust the Teraphim, who he saw as invaders from another realm, having felt disrespected by them and looked down upon for being 'human'. Theria had also been responsible for attacking and pillaging the minor territories that Myllenoris safeguarded. Despite their reasonings, the war was indisputably  catastrophic for all.

Several prominent Dragonlords of Theria died. The Petrakis King, Aristidis Petrakis, also died in battle, leaving the young, inexperienced heir as the monarch, and the Lightbringer was dealt grievous wounds that forced him into an early retirement.

Each of the Three Kingdoms look upon one another with warranted suspicion. Occasional conflict on the borders was all but guaranteed, but not outright war. Yet.

Factions & Starting Points
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Osrona, the Shimmering City
The renowned capital of Esshar, the home of the Petrakis nobility and the Order of the First Light. The base of the dwinlding Essharan empire, all eyes of the people are on the young Petrakis heir after the death of their father (who was considered especially inept), the Knights, and the Church of the Faith in these trying times.
Expanded Lore

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Theria, the Kingdom of Dragons
Since Garljing the Red took his place in the mountains of Theria, the north has been populated with his children and many Drakanites. With a number of Warlords and Dragonlords, many look to their next steps. The most ambitious simply look to the south and wish to take it all for themselves.
Expanded Lore

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Myllenoris, the Kingdom of Vanaheim
Born with insight and a keenness, the Teraphim often considered themselves the ones who should lead humanity. Their ties with the outside world are in dire straits, however, leaving them particularly isolated.  Their influence on the world will surely be tremendous, and they must make the difficult choices going forward.
Expanded Lore
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