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Garljing's Coat

Date: 1800 AC

"The flames of these children of Ryujin is the only light in the veil of darkness."

Garljin's coat would be silent as the dragon lords would make their decision in council, the leaders have coming to a conclusion in each issue that has been brought to their attention.

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Quote:Varceal Vartuul: "We the fireblooded have an oath to fulfill  heeding the words of the great wyrms falls into this, thus we heed the word of Skarlax and will retrieve the blade it has asked for."

  • Rumor has it that the Fireblooded found the body of the slain Wyrm Skarlax, and through the commune, it gives guidance - now with their ritual complete, they prepare for their next task to reclaim an item long thought forgotten.

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The Dragon's Gauntlet

The dragon's Gauntlet has been completed an arena in which any can seek to settle their difference in bloody combat. They are able to do this without the fear of intervention from any third party by the protection of fireblooded, for this is ritual combat in this sacred arena.

  • Rules have been set for these duels in which two parties would choose their opponent in a open intervention of a duel blood must be spilled in order to truly fight in the gauntlet, this is not a sparing arena.
  • Even if claimed to be a enemy of Garljings coat should you wish to duel in a arena in which no one can Interfere then you will be respected and honored upon this blessed arena to have your bout regardless of the battles outcome, and able to leave once the bout is done.
  • Rumors Have spread that the first two to fight on this sacred ground are no other than Vales Grimmore and The lore keeper of the fire blooded Orodyn Vartuul. (This sunday 10/4/2020)

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On the pressing matters of Esshar and it's nations

Quote:Dragonlords and Council: "Though it took some time to come up to a agreement we now stand with the banner of the twin wolves and the banner of the lion in the current conflict, this being because of the accusations upon the Achyon nation of working with our mortal enemy these so called dragonslayers. We agree that it would only make sense that one foreign invader would work with another, and we have not seen Achyon do any such acts to stop them from venturing their cities and have fought multiple dragon slayers within their lands because of it which leads us to believe that the accusation that they work with one another is true. We are fully aware that should the tribesmen not be here it would more certainly be our divine dragons that you would seek to kill with this fact alone we will stand against you."


Quote:"Now in Garljing's Coat, I've opened a shop for Fireblooded and others alike. The prices are more than fair, and for people of the Temple I accept custom orders for weaponry and armor at a price of cost in materials alone. Come to Dun's today."
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The Deep Company
1801 - Siren Beach
The southern coasts of Esshar have grown notorious for their ruby dotted sands as much as the constant robberies, maimings, and ambient discord that surrounded the shores of Siren Beach. Here, the crew of the Pauper’s Bride had docked, and here it seemed they intended to remain. 
A local news reporter of Osrona was kidnapped and forced to commit an interview at gunpoint for the band of reavers, and the crew of Sirenian pirates had this to say.
Captain Maertock Reave
The southern coasts belong to us. Many of you have already paid your toll in blood or coin, I figured it’s only genial of me to make it a formality. My crew is here to stay. You got a problem with that, you send some big armies with loooooots of heavy pockets. We’ve been looking to get us some nicer finery as lords of the coast.
First Mate Murtock Reave
If ye ain't got enemies gunnin' fer yer broadside then that jus' means ya ain't lived a life o' conviction. Havin' enemies means ye both had th'stones ta disagree an' stand by yer principles
Vice Captain Leibos
Esshar is rich, divided and ripe for plunder. Who better than us to pluck its fruit?
Vice Captain Caddock Reave
We can afford to sink.
For better, but likely worse, the pirates of the south seas have laid claim to their little corner of criminal paradise.
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1801 A.C.

"To protect the weak, to uplift the downtrodden, and to vanquish the darkness."

  • Following a meeting of Osrona's council, Cristole has been appointed as Lightbearer of the Order of the Second Dawn. Recruitment and training both remain steadily under way.

  • Despite attempts at peace by the Stellus and Radiants, conflict has broken out with the westward city of Achyon, with the city preparing for an inevitable struggle. With word of a necromancer being harbored by the Basrburg controlled city, the Faith and Order both prepare to stamp out the corruption.

  • The Stellus and Lightbearer have both made vows not to harm or hunt dragons, to which amiable relations with the Fireblooded have been established. Further talks are in the works, however.

  • Following a meeting with the leaders of the Tribe of Moxtli, the two factions have come to a more official alliance. The treaty, signed by officials from both sides, is pinned and readable to all members of both territories. 

The Treaty Of Entente
The Allied Forces of Osrona and the Tribe of Moxtli

Contained within, the undersigned agrees to conform to all terms listed until the definitive conclusion of the war with the Barsburg territory Achyon, whether it be via occupation of the territories and removal of Barsburg forces, a mutual declaration of peace, or alternative conclusion to hostilities, acknowledged and agreed upon unanimously by all of the undersigned.

The undersigned further acknowledged the multilateral Treaty of Entente to be a temporary agreement, enacted and adhered to only until the conclusion of the war with the Barsburg territory Achyon.

Any premature dissolution of the alliance and nullification of the Treaty of Entente must be agreed upon by allied states.

i. All allied parties shall formally declare and agree upon borders of their respective territories. For the duration of the alliance, no hostile action between allied states shall occur within these borders.

ii. All allied states agree to consider any existing debts rendered null and void so long as they are seen to participate in the fight against the Barsburg territory Achyon.

iii. All allied states unanimously agree to allow access to resources networks, with a resonable tax of one-hundred coins per visit. Each state shall reimburse the other states within the treaty twenty-five percent of all proceeds to better fund their own endeavors and militaries.

iv. All allied states agree to formally and honestly declare their intentions with the Barsburg territory Achyon, its assets, its surrounding lands and territories, and its people and agree to abide by these intentions. All allied states shall furthermore clearly outline the extent to which they will participate in the war against the Barsburg territory Achyon. Should intentions deviate at any point, all allied states agree to inform all of the undersigned as soon as reasonably practicable.

v. All allied states agree that, upon the conclusion of the war, the territories and assets of the Barsburg territory Achyon be evenly distributed between all participating states.

vi. All states shall be permitted to provide two Diplomatic envoys that shall boast complete immunity in any of the allied territories. In the event an allied state is found in breach of the treaty resulting in its dissolution, these envoys should still be recognized for their immunity and treated as such, so long as the envoys were not responsible for any breach.

All states agree that in the event of a breach in the agreement, the state in breach shall be disqualified from the alliance and any of the aforementioned agreements. All states acknowledge that a breach in the treaty shall see a formal and abrupt end to any alliance, and, depending on the severity of the breach, maybe accommodate an immediate declaration of war.

All states agree to, at the conclusion of the war against the Barsburg territory Achyon, review the state of the treaty and agree upon an extension under new provisions and stipulations or a formal, respectful, and immediate dissolution of alliance.

All allied states shall offer signature below as binding agreement of the above terms henceforth, from the time of signature to the agreed conclusion of the war.


Geztelle ven Pelleaux - Stellus of Osrona, Speaker of the Stars
D'noxa Aba - Shaman of the Moxtli, Dancer of the Spirits
Talacael Meztin - Chieftain of the Maloti Tribe
Ixcatzin, Chieftess of the Azcatil Tribe
Amori - Radiant of Osrona
Alistair ven Pelleaux - Knight-keeper of Osrona

  • The city and church both has denounced and excommunicated the actions of the Starfire Prince and his fellow family members who have defected, aiming to bring a swift end to their supposed rebellion. 

  • Security has tightened around the perimeter of Osrona, with the Order of the Second Dawn apparently preparing to mobilize. Tension remains high, but further remarks are to follow.

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[Image: jRHIY8L-7MxiZRw58Nzlv_iRYFGNql9qWbn55cyt...J-Uwb7Z_ik]

The City of Magic:
1804 AC

The Summer of 1804 is a hot one, claimed to be the hottest yet but Osronans have said that every year since the black winter came. The Easter Festival transpired without a hitch and people are looking forward to the warmth the current season provides. Markets bustle with common folk and merchants alike. In lieu of the recent knighthood ceremony, crime has dropped dramatically with reports that several witches have been captured back to back.

"The new Knights of the Second Dawn are as strong as they are ambitious and they have that in spades!" A newspaper reported.

The western front of the war has been quiet since Osrona claimed the celestial territory (and by extension the Primordial Dungeon). Here, in these dungeons, the trials for the Archmagi continued. The Primordial Eos, the Blind Goddess looked favourably upon those who transversed her solitude to prove themselves worthy.

[Image: 3XvM9op.png]

Emerging from this, one man was declared Archmagi of his people, Amori. He addressed his people when he returned. His agenda, future hopes and plans lay bare for all to hear.

Quote:"Before you I stand to announce myself as your Archmagi. The leader of our city and it's guardian.

It was said through the trials and tribulations of the Primordial Dungeons, an Archmagi would be crowned. The Radiant Daughter, Eleshnora guided us through trials of virtues to teach and prepare us. The Blind Goddess, Eos looked upon our hearts, tested our mettle and made judgement. Revealed to be the same Primordial who chose Mikhail Petrakis so long ago. With her light in my hand, I was chosen and so I will lead you all forward.

Like I did before Eos, I pledge to you all under the light of the stars above, the Gods both Old and New, that I will relinquish myself fully to Osrona and her people. I hereby swear, you will be given the prosperity you all so wholly deserve.

Pray that the Gods give me the wisdom and strength to not only carry out but surpass the promise I am making. To lead you into a better age that we can reach only together.

The trials of the Primordial Dungeons may be complete but we will continue our exploration of the Old Gods. To enrich our city with the old history of this country. From here on, any obstacles will be met with the knowledge that the Gods have answered our calls.

May the Gods, both Old and New, guide you."

With this crowning achievement, the City of Magic has decided to host that of an age-old celebration, a Gala to commemorate the occasion of their first Archmagi. 
Denizens and allies of Osrona far and wide welcomed.

In other news..
Osrona will venture on an expedition to the Crypt of Silver Knights. Soon after, preparations are made for a witch-burning.
To the dismay of the church-goers, the Order of Dawn stands by for future war efforts. People of the city pray to their gods that an end is in sight. 
Only time will tell.
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