chanceMap Rework & Theria
On Sunday / tommorrow, there will be some major changes to the map. This includes adding a snow city (Theria) and downsizing Osrona to account for the fact there will be three cities rather than one. 

Additionally, the spawnpoints will be adjusted to the three cities (rather than multiple Osrona spawns). A lore page on Theria will be posted later today or early tomorrow, and we'll be offering 100% rebirths (within reason) for those who wish to remake there, or an RPL boost on new characters that want to begin there.

The changes to Osrona's map will mean the loss of some lots, so we'll make it clear which ones in advance for the sake of chests.
See the lore write up:

Theria is a city state that's dominated by groups of mercenaries who serve on a council of warlords, and the factions with the most influence tend to be in power. By applying for a character, you'll be encouraged to join one of the mercenary groups that are being set up (or perhaps aspire to begin your own). It isn't necessary, but that's the general theme we're going with.

You can apply here

It will also have its own spawn point if you want to join naturally, but the two options:
  • 100% Rebirth - You must be 18+ years old. Your rebirth won't exceed 200RPL.
  • New Character - You'll spawn in with a boost, depending on your age and backstory.

We'll be processing the applications in batches and posting the names & what they're approved for here.
The following Theria applications have been processed, using the above form. You can still apply / we'll process more throughout the day and post here.

Gaelan Fenrir - 150RPL
Regnier Ironclaw - 150RPL
Proteus - 200RPL
Sam Smiles - 160RPL
Sarasha Fenrir - 200RPL
Haseo - 160RPL + Cosmic
Sajid - 200RPL
Petel Venal-Conti - 150RPL
Irwin Flowen - 150RPL
Einar Fenrir - 150RPL
Rosalette - 150RPL
Murphy - 180RPL
Squall Sirocco - 190RPL + Occult
Adrian Stouthand - 150RPL
Morgan - 160RPL
Lucian Valintine - 160RPL
Mahraj "ven Serpente" -180RPL
Bash Jin - 155RPL
Tanya Weiss - 200RPL
Lumi Fenrir - 165RPL
Royal Corvinus - 170RPL
Elias Berios - 160RPL
Garrett Carter - 175RPL
Svir Fenrir - 170RPL
Siegfried -150RPL
Agathe Louise - 180RPL
Sylas - 170RPL
More approvals:

Gryn Luthien - 170RPL
Silver Sillas - 150RPL
Darion - 150RPL
Krixus Vaynewolf - 160RPL
Ajax Haralson - 180RPL
Oechis - 160RPL + Occult
Ottavio - 165RPL
Rae Portgas - 150RPL
Taffy von Rosewald - 190RPL + Cosmic
Seito - 150RPL
Redwood Crow - 150RPL
Gwynn Erwood - 170RPL
Vanamir - 180RPL + Cosmic
Scylla (Miron Valfront) - 170RPL + Occult
Yvette - 140RPL
Alessa Engels - 100RPL
Logan - 150RPL
Adonis Felt (Fenrir Clan) - 140RPL
Jamian - 150RPL + Cosmic
Chrisanthi Perridi - 140RPL
Katsuyori Okada - 160RPL
Effie - 170RPL
Lucia Fenrir - 130RPL
Altair Bianchi -130RPL
Crow - 140RPL
Bijel Volk - 165RPL
Sven Osiris - 150RPL + Cosmic
Quinn - 160RPL + Tier 1 Artificer
Derran Baloot - 160RPL
Tristan - 160RPL
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