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Sylavanum is a highly addictive, illegal substance that can be identified as a fine golden powder. This drug does not come cheap, and it's a favorite choice of the wealthy nobles that are looking to escape their daily troubles. After a single dose, the person is likely to form a habit and will continue to ingest the gold dust to maintain a stable high. The drug will usually be rationed over the month and taken as a daily hit, with the effects of the alchemical product becoming more apparent over time. 

While Sylavnum is active:
- A sense of manic euphoria
- Blood shot eyes, lack of desire and need to sleep
- Decreased appetite; the substance sustains the body
- Slightly improved magical output
- Intense paranoia and mood swings

While Sylavnum is inactive:
- Constant hunger / thirst
- Rapid muscle decay
- Inability to sleep / insomnia 
- Extreme desire for the drug (they will hurt people to get it)

It's a major crime to be found in the possession of, on the effects of, or distributing Sylavanum!

Quote:This item is a hidden alchemy recipe. It increases power by 20 for 48 hours, restores all energy, but hits the consumer with -30 power for 96 hours when it expires, and natural energy regen no longer occurs. They should take another dose to prevent the side-effects and should actively go about acquiring another supply ICly.

The ingredients are: fairy dust (3), rope root (4), crimson reed (3), poppylus (5).

It should not be sold in NPC stores, but in person. Alchemists that deal the drug should do so discreetly while taking into account the IC.

If you'd like the recipe to be unlocked and you're a T1 Alchemist, have an experienced character teach you directly, then request it in your journal, or DM me! Include your reasoning / plans. We want alchemists that'll do the item justice.
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