The Black KnightBlast Rush
Make Blast Rush function like Glacier as opposed to... The "pushing-dash-through-able-wall" it is. It's a really underwhelming slow moving hidden that is nice as another burst of damage and otherwise doesn't live up to its name or feel like a move that fits the rest of the over-nerfed explosion kit.

Inferno slows for less than a second, does 0 damage, doesn't apply burn, and the AoE is 2 or 3 tiles max from the caster and lasts for a second and a half. Long CD.

Pyroclasm is a short AoE stun that is a 4-tile AoE spike move than can be dashed through, does stun for a decent amount of time and is GCDE, but requires you to be very close. It's not an "instant" stun because it is basically spikes and people who are already kiting you have plenty of opportunity to dash away or otherwise react.  Long CD.

Bang is solid. Long CD.

Blast Rush has a lot of range but moves slower than the average run speed(meaning you have to slow to ensure it lands, and I've seen people slowed and still outrun/outmanuever it)-- its icon is big so its scary, but it has a wonky hit box that people can walk with the explosions and never be hit. Once hit, they are knocked back making it harder to land your other abilities, and can push enemies out of your range.

All of this can be circumvented by unarmed, cosmic and light with their teleports/high speed dashes, but that has little to do with Explosion's performance and everything to do those other trees.

Blast Rush sounds like it should perform how Glacier does and hit with a cascading explosion that homes in on the enemy. Would look cooler too. Just a suggestion. If Glacier is considered too much, do something else for it please. It really is just a intermediate hidden, but was recently changed to an Exalted and under-performs heavily. Long CD.
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