MordereA little greedy
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Sypnosis:On an exploration Lumori found a totem within the caves that were scattered among the dunes of the sands, seemingly a representation of the three Beastkin that roamed Esshar's lands. Held within crates nearby the statue of two wolves. One black and one white,  with a few of them locked together in a loop. Something like this normally wouldn't attract her attention...Normally. On her way out, she noticed within the dark a figure moving with a massive and bejeweled in shiny red crystals version of the black statue. It would definitely be worth a sum.... Why not attempt to steal it?

Attendees: Louis, Lumori, Amalia(?)

Risk: I have child DR, you tell me.

Tone: Adventurous, Dark, Cultic.

Rewards: Shadow Tome, maybe some coin.

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Chance of Death?
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