PrestigeA Show for the Heavens
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A Show for the Heavens

Word around the city begins to spread like wildfire. A party and tournament for the people of Osrona is being planned and prepared by Sina and Andromeda ven Grimmore - but it appears that the location of such event draws the most attention. To avoid further speculation and to ease the worry of some, flyers are distributed at the order of the noble woman.

Quote:No enemy of Osrona can force us, the people of our dear city, to hide and cower within its walls.

The losses each of us has suffered are immeasurable, and at times like these... Answers can only be found with the stars. I, Andromeda ven Grimmore, hereby invite all of you for a celebration of what we still have, and what we will not allow to be stolen away from us. Know that there's strength in unity, and that we cannot allow fear control our lives. Above Moonfall, deep within its forests, ruins of a long deserted shrine stand. There- the stars will hear our prayers. There, we will share our strength with them.

Further details about the party and tournament!

Formal wear is required. You're encouraged to wear armor too, should you choose to participate in the tournament.
The party will start at 6PM EST, on 01/15 (this Wednesday).
A map to the shrine and the forest in question has been added to each of the flyers.

The tournament seems to be the main event for the party - and exclusive rewards will be shared with the winners.
The rules for it are as follows:
  • Teams of Two.
  • Knights are allowed and encouraged to participate, but may not team up together.
  • No potions are allowed.
  • No maiming.
You must sign up beforehand to participate in the tournament. (Here's where you do so!)
The party will also be an opportunity to find a partner if you lack one.

And now... For the prizes!
First place will be given a vial of White Oil and six ores of Arcanium.
Second and third places will earn themselves a hefty amount of coins.

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