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Mother and Father told me. That we are destined for Greatness.
That through the air, we will sink below. To our Creator's depths.
But they never meant Yama.
It leaves me to wonder, who am I? What am I? Where am I to be.
My kin sing praises of the Landwalkers.
The people that aided Inki.
The people that ensured my Patron would drown.
The people that, poisoned waters. Killed our people.
Forced Yama to give us legs to walk on dreaded land.
The Landwalkers.
Gave him the time to plot.
To curse.
They didn't even stop the war.
It was their land-walking Gods.
That listened to reason.
To Yama.
That forced them to.
Some have earned this praise. Some... Have shown me. That not all Landwalkers are damned.
I write 'some'. But It has only been two. Through action, he gave. Even when I was cruel and harsh.
Through action, she gave, when she could take. Cleared my mind. Helped my thoughts.

But every time I speak to one of my own.
They do not understand.
I am the villain. For hating them.
I am the... 'Bad Person'.
Because I know they owe us.
Because they took from us.
No good comes from relying on Landwalkers.
But my thoughts should not matter.
As long as my kin know I care.

My Clan used to say, we are kin. Together. Regardless of thoughts, beliefs, or in-fighting.
We love one another through it. That true friendship, true kinship.
Is to show that one truly cares through actions. Not words.
Haven't I done so?
I proffer words. I proffer kindness. I give. Freely.
Of myself. My materials. My gathered coin.
She tolerates it.
The other, she despises it.
I will not sway my faith. Because it upsets.
It is true. I know I am right.
It is. Fine. That they are afraid.
And hide. Behind. Those that..
I feel so. Alone.
Sometimes. I wonder. If I should.
Have replied to that letter proper.
Should have.
Met them.
I would see my Clan again.
My brother. My mother. My father.
We would be together.
Would it be betrayal.
If they do not even want me.
If it is such a struggle.
To understand.
Oh. Yama.
Oh. Yama.
Answer. My. Plea.
Show me.
That I need not.
Feel this.
I am not my clan.
I am not my mother, my father.
I am not my brother.
Or so I tell myself.
Because... Because...

I dream of the dark.
I dream of the deep.
I dream of my family.

I am surrounded by kin.
So why do I feel.

I swear I'm not...
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I'm not owned guys.
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Another letter. From the unknowable.
It sounds like a dream I had. When I was younger.
My clan and I, cannot breath beneath the waves.
The curse of Air. Made to spite us. As Yama's first creations.
His most prized. His most beloved.
Created. To soothe the ills, of Inki. To show.
His kinship. His love.

Only to inspire spite. Hatred.
Our home within the sea, had pockets where we would sleep. To breath the salted air.
Coral twisted and carved, where water would not pool further.
I remember this dream.
Only because of the curse.
I only woke, when my lungs demanded air.
I dozed where I should not have.
My brother soothed me. Said it meant something.
Even now. I do not know.
Am I the one, lost in the middle?
What was it, that the dead said to me.

"Too vile for the nice ones. Too nice for the vile ones. Stuck in the middle. An un-existence you might say, no?"

Who are you.
And why do you dream.
. . . .
. . .
. .

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I swear I'm not...
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I'm not owned guys.
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