GlulisineHeaven Shall Burn
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Quote:"They wish to purge our ilk...
We will
consume their gods."
Dal'thala's forces have been rallied. Insectoid creatures and faeborne sons and daughters march beneath a single banner, making their way towards the nation of Aphros. At their helm lies Commandant and Taethion, both tasked with but a clear goal in mind.

The destruction of the Cathedral District.

Date: TBA
9/25/2022 @6pm EST
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The rumble of warfare sounded out through the Holy District of Aphros. Men and women fall in heaps all across the streets, blood painting the cathedral walls as warriors who carried the will of their people succumbed in a bloody battle.

Casualties were many, and destruction was all but certain... However, the end was decreed with the roar of thunder and the fall of the Hivelord Commandant, before the Demigod Solomon, the two fighting neck to neck directly in front of the church for all to witness.

The noble Knights of Aphros had been able to stop enemy advances, while siege weapons deployed by the troops of Dal'thala were destroyed in a final push.

At the end the war cry of the Holy Army roared, their Capital had been successfully defended and a harsh blow was dealt to the heart of the Greathive, with the death of their greatest warrior.

In addition: Reports from Dal'thala spread in hushed whisper that the corpse of Faeborne Sadi Yaslana was found in an inn, rumored to have been poisoned and assassinated by a Faceless just before the army marched. Two will be mourned among the high courts of the west doay.

[ Heavenly thunder crashed against cascading winds at the peak of the Cathedral as The Endless Hunger of the Greathive and the Godblooded of Aphros clash. The war was just the beginning, as the battle reached its climatic stalemate. To be decided here and now by the two Heroes of their respective nations. ]

[ "You said you believed no soul can match your power. And now I prove you wrong." "Are you going to just take that, Commandant?" ]
[ "Your people will be in chains. Your warriors, your masses? All kneeling before our Queen, yet you will see none of it! ]
[ COMMADANT vs. SOLOMON - Battle for the Cathedral - CAP 6 ]

-Dal'thala - 5
+Aphros - 6
+Solomon vs. Commandant - APHROS - CAPPED
-Lloyd vs. Kelika - DAL'THALA
-Monica vs. Taethion - DAL'THALA
-Ember vs. Annalyse - DAL'THALA
-Herminia vs. Worker Ant - DAL'THALA
+Cyan vs. Orchid - APHROS
+Nekane vs. Irving - APHROS
+Tehra vs. Vessix - APHROS
+Olorin vs. Kvothe - APHROS
+Mei vs. Talos - APHROS
-Skinwalker vs. Rhys - DAL'THALA
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