Nephilim74Hunter's Clan. Silvanas!
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Adventurers do you seek a clan that hunts monsters? Pushes your limits and also pays you to do what you enjoy. Do you like the thrill of battle or something to push your drive and beliefs to the next stage? What will you do when the world turns into a pile of bones and ashes? Will you make a stand, or will you hide? Silvanas Clan is here to see you become the best you can ever be.
The founder's story:
Silvanas's were the professional distinguished hunters. Their tracking skills and their unique wordcasting skills are unmatched. Being only users of the Wordcasting makes them heightened in their magic proficency. The epilogue of the great family Silvanas are served the realms before the incident 124. Further information of the family are secret.

Quote:"The path has been choosen by us is not easy. We are alone. But we are together. I am making my family buissnes improve from there. From now on we are called Silvanas hunters. We hunt whoever fells to madness, lays their hands to innocents.

As a professionals.
As a skilled mercenaries.

The Hunt begins."

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-Gilgamesh Silvanas

Iron Code
-Respect to the Chief is to be the highest standard. Betrayal of the clan will be mark on you till the end of your life. You will be hunted.
-Respecting the higher ranks above you. Their wisage would guide you.
-As a true hunter never yield to your foe.
-Clan comes first. No exemptions.
Ranks of the Headhunter Clan Silvanas:

The Chief: The leader and the one who controls everything that is to come and go. Anything the leader places is to be followed without issue. More than likely will be able to do any mission they seek to do to help any rank. At times their mission Rank can reach the forbidden S rank.
 Pillars: The Hunter who assists with the missions given out and plans the activities for the Clan. Most of their duties are to train or fulfill the mission if the captain isn't available. They are regarded as the captain most trusted warrior. Their words are after the Chief. More than likely will be involved in B and A missions.
Headhunter: Warriors who have proven they are capable to handle their own and follow orders. They also follow the guidance of their higher ranks and teach the lower ranks as well this way of doing things. Fully capable hunters. Nore than likely will be involved in C and B rank missions

Rook: A newly trusted and seasoned hunter who has been around enough to know the basics and teach the lower ranks. More than likely will be involved in missions from D rank to C rank

Denizen: A new hunter who is to observe and follow the higher hunters. You be given small missions to build trust and also will be known for collecting materials. Will be involved in E to D rank missions

Mission will be given and also have time limits Base on the mission you have a higher time. Points or higher pay back will be given to those contribute and help the growth of the clan even further.

Rank E= Newbies: (assignments that are usually nothing to dangerous or beyond. Gathers usually or helpers)

Rank D= Trained: (Prepared for missions that can possibly be dangerous but nothing that can be life threatening.)

Rank C= Damage Control: (Experienced in handling monsters or creatures that are dangerous to villages)

Rank B= Veterans: (Able to take on world threats and engage in activities that low possibly can make be killed on.)

Rank A= Head Honcho: (Individuals creatures that have bounty that are marked as ????? chance of death extremely high)"

Rank S= ????: (????)

(For those who wishes to join the clan. Feel free to approach icly to Ieth Sigal and Gilgamesh Silvanas or dm MShadow74#1811 or Shadow Man#1779 for scene arrangement)
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