voydRise From Your Grave
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"You were dead, and yet..
here you are.
Risen from your grave, Arioch."

From the depths of their lair, a concoction was coming to fruition, the reanimation of a hollowed corpse come to seemingly mimic the mechanizations of a mortal being. A deathly, wretched existence of what no mortal would ever dare call humane.

Flesh sewn loosely together was what held what little bits of human recognition the being held, though mostly what kept it upright was mere bone; upon closer inspection it would be engraved with advanced runework, clearly forbidden work known to any savvy magus. These runes would serve to animate the being, laced with the necromatic energy of the being who had formed such a monstrosity. There is no recollection of a past, or any visible hints as to who this mortal may have been in their waking life, but what remains now could be a puzzle of various ligaments of deceased Meranthian.

A towering creature designed to instill fear, and to obey it’s master. A machine of war, though imperfect by all rites.. still, the ideal subordinate.
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Who are you?
  • You will begin as an Undead.
  • Your alias/name shall be Arioch.
  • Base sprite aesthetically changed to Skeleton.
  • Ability to harvest Undeath.
  • Opens potential to be risen to Zombie or Champion in time.
  • You were created to serve, there is no capacity for betrayal.
  • You are expected to fight in effort to grow, and provide Undeath for your Master.
  • You are expected to uphold the principles of the Litany of Undeath.

If interested shoot a DM to voyd#1201. There is one (1) slot available!
Thank you all for the interest. This role has been filled.

[Image: AfterlightImage.jpg]

“From the silence of night, a new terror is born.
Risen with a great hunger, only certain of the aspects which his creator had bestowed upon them.
An insatiable craving.. You must grow.
You must feast.”

Applications will be taken once more, one (1) slot has been renewed to availability.
Contact voyd#1201 for further detail.

[Image: s1.png]
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