VibeEntertainmentAl'britu Medical Center, Lessons Included. A Call for Supporters.
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Al'Britu Medical Center 2000AC
"Progress is key. Medical attention and teaching those who wish to seek to learn its practice are all pushing forward towards that progress.
I wish to see you all soon. It's time to mend."

- Lord Al'britu, Caliel

Under the House Al'britu Banner, Lord Caliel has now established a building dedicated to the art of Medical Practition. Those wishing to take part in lessons are free to do so, when they are being held or... they can seek him out for a private lesson if he is able. That said, it's also a place to bring those within Delphina who seek aid from any ailment or injury. Faeborne and other Magi alike are welcome here so fret not about feeling unwelcome unless of course... well, if you're seeking to be more harm than good then you'll be removed immediately. By force.

First Lesson will be Saturday 6PM EST

Another announcement being made...

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Those seeking to be supporters of House Al'britu, The House of Progress are welcome to come forth and seek out the Lord Himself. The uniform is a cape of black coloration with gold trim and a golden symbol upon it's back. That said, come seek progress with us!









And More!

Each of these roles will be discussed IC'ly or if you have another trade, or idea to put forth please do so! We're quite open to new ideas, progress is key afterall.

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