Kihakiha finally tries to make profiles publically
Sup, I'm kiha.
I haven't really ever done anything like this in the years of being around but recently I've been getting nudged to so here it is.
$5 is what I'm comfortable with asking for, and I appreciate anyone who likes what I do enough to commission me.
First off, I'll go ahead and squish a few in here that I have made. No old ones unfortunately, thanks to my trusty failed hard drive.
I'm willing to do any style so don't be afraid to make specific requests.
[Image: 3d624219ace3a75829cc9f9292c187bd.png]
[Image: guRoKez.png]
[Image: 4okPQub.png]
[Image: nt5Flap.png]
[Image: c80235b2f5bad8d29567d72617f0042c.png]
If you like any of this and have a playby and/or theme I'll go wild, though I would prefer you have a picture you like as it makes the process a whole lot smoother.
To get in touch, message me on discord at kiha#7408 
[Image: giatnform.gif]
New things have been made, and more are coming!

[Image: xqYReRv.png]
[Image: TQqBeRj.png]
[Image: giatnform.gif]
New profiles!
[Image: wMRi6Wp.png]
[Image: Oj6z13t.png]
[Image: giatnform.gif]
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