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'Those that hold knowledge and power have a duty to use it.'
- Sebastian Montelione I, 1927

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A Brief History...

While the so called 'Golden Age of Necromancy', was in its full stride the lands of Meranthe suffered as a whole. Anyone who stood within the lands affected by the plagues spurred on by such heinous magics could easily speak of the hardships endured during such a time of strife. But from within that festering darkness arose a city of balance to ward against the ever-encroaching decay. Bright minds, sharp blades and steadfast shields stood in defiance in a search for the alternate ideals that would heal both the people and the land. Amongst those who had flocked to Aphros as the city found its footing were those who were once seafaring merchants, led by one Sebastian Montelione a merchant and doctor, but more importantly a man who dedicated himself to the growth and preservation of what was forming before them. What coin the family had, was turned towards increasing their library of physical knowledge, and the family itself was directed by the Lord of their house towards more altruistic pursuits as he emphasized not just the collection of knowledge, but the use of it as well. What use were a few hundred tomes if they simply sat in a library gathering dust after all?
Those of House Montelione have always seen it true that to persevere through the chaos around them there must be Order. And the only way for there to be Order is for those in need to be aided and led forward by those with the knowledge and acumen to do so. 

As time went on, Aphros stood as a bastion of stability within the plague lands. And those sick or otherwise ailing from the effects of the land's corruption could always rely on the steady hands of a Montelione surgeon to ease the pain. Generations began to pass as the family maintained their high standards for personal excellence, occasionally taking on those bright minds from outside the family in something akin to a sponsorship. By no means is it an easy standard for to meet, but those who do find themselves honed into masters of their chosen art in service of the House of the Gryphon. While abiding by the guidelines set by the Ordinance the Monteliones the scholars of the house continued to delve deeper into the secrets of the world ever expanding the house's collection of tomes and thus the collective knowledge of the family itself. They have maintained this standard even to present times... even as calamity befalls the noble house as well as those around it. 

In the wake of the most recent disasters that have echoed across Meranthe the Monteliones find themselves in a state of rebuilding. The former Lord of the house, as well as the firstborn son and heir apparent both met their demise within the calamitous churning of the continent in the wake of the nation of Delphina's most recent actions and the former Lady of the house has found herself in a rather permanent bed ridden state. Thus a young and enigmatic Lady Mephisto Montelione, the second born daughter has taken the reigns of the storied house. As could be expected the search has begun for young bright minds once again to find a place in service to the Monteliones. 

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The Standards of House Montelione 
Medicine - There is a long history of surgeons and other medical professionals that have come to House Montelione to expand their knowledge in practical forms of medicine. Beyond that it is expected of every direct member of the House to have at least some level of medical knowledge. Though many have used their magical know-how to bolster their skills in some manner or another, there is a very heavy focus on practical and mundane means of treatment. The Montelione family is renowned for their surgeons, which only the finest in the house can claim the title to. Most simply referring to themselves as doctors until officially recognized by the head of the house for their skill.  

Alchemy - With such an emphasis on natural and practical medicine it is only too simple for the skills of the Monteliones to branch off into the realms of Alchemy as well. Approached from both a scientific and magical position the house is deeply embroiled in the realms of alchemy, pushing limits on what can and cannot be created though always maintaining their stance firmly within the laws of Aphros as well. It is not unheard of for those alchemists of the house to create elixirs and potions to augment both themselves or whomever drinks their concoctions. A rule of thumb being not to do something to another that you would not have done to yourself in turn. 

Knowledge - In terms of academia and beyond those of House Montelione understand that knowledge alone is not power in its own right, but instead it is the most practical and effective use of such knowledge that power is derived from. While the family may be ever searching to expand their library and collections it is not simply to hoard to themselves, instead it is one to elevate the minds of those around them. To better the lives of those with such valuable access to set off that chain reaction of prosperity and to continue to raise that bar of excellency with each passing generation. Though many of the family's pursuits are outwardly altruistic that does not mean to say they shy away from what knowledge some may consider dark. After all there is a duality of things to uphold, sacred and vile texts finding themselves held equal in the hands of a Montelione scholar, within the realms of The Ordinance of course.  

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This is one of the noble houses of Aphros, further information can be gained by approaching Lady Mephisto Montelione ICly.

For any that wish to ask questions or further inquire please contact Zoe the Gun#0007 in regards to spawning with an established patronage or other form of service to House Montelione.  
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"Its been two years, and what a long two years they have been.
Though I am a woman of works and action as opposed to words, I can say with pride that the path we travel is one that our predecessors would be proud of.  
Even as we rebuild and grow. Even as we thrive and mingle.

Sickness spreads beneath the surface. 

And by both our oaths, and our position in Aphros it is our duty to treat this ailment before it spreads and infects our fair nation. 
For now let us dance and sing. 

The doctors are already on the case after all."

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