B0b_J3ffers0nThe new Hecates.
Your Mother.

Beatrix Hecate.

[Image: unknown.png]
Shadow/Illusion/Crystal [Ruby Bloodstones]

- Director of Internal Affairs and Security within Promethia.
- Vanir heritage.
- Partially Shengeese.
- Highly
- Might be a witch? Who knows?
- Based and sociopath pilled.
- Will love you more than anyone else.
- Might have dev items for witchcraft for you. Maybe. We'll see.
- Might have a unique ready for you, if you prove you're worth giving it to.
- BASED Profile Maker.

Your Father.

Theoden Hecate.

[Image: c9b112e6c8d939d42cfa341ffb2c92cc-preview-rev-1.png]

- GIGACHAD Dual Crafter.
- A Teraphim.
- Weaver worshipper.
- Will also love you more than anyone else. Except your Mother. Totally not biased.
- Can make you uniques, if you give him the materials.
- Slightly less of a Sociopath.


- Will be raised with knowledge on most things. Both Occultic, and none Occultic.
- Will be raised around undead, Demons, Monsters, you name it.
- Will be repeatedly warned not to interact with holy magic users. For your own safety.
- Will be knowledgeable about your heritage. Both Shengeese aspects, and Vanir.
- Are Human with either white hair, or black hair.

There will be two children. One will be made in 1937 [The Eldest Daughter], the other will be made in 1942. [The Youngest Son.]

What we're looking for:

- Someone whom is active.
- Not an alt.
- Someone whom knows how to play an antagonistic character.
- Someone whom at least somewhat knows how to verb.

[Contact Lilin's Architect#1521 if you're interested.]
[Image: unknown.png]
Both slots are still open. Be sure to hmu!
[Image: unknown.png]
I have a decently strong character and I currently want to rebirth. I only have one character and I've been playing off and on for a while. I figure a strong RP environment will help me flourish, so I ask that you allow me to join your family.

My Discord is SiriusBizniss#9123
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