Shaqdaddy94The Screw Armin Osrila Shop
At Waystone a new shop would open up. As a knight holding a pair of gloves would gaze about with a firm stance. 

Though the cause was understood. As the owner would have his mask on and stand firm at the shop. 

[Image: 9540423fff0dee7eceef6fecb2daeb70.png]

Quote:"Hello lucky customers or a lucky customer. Its me Sal-ta this time not for a class but to tell you about the amazing pair of gloves i have for sell. Crafted by the master of crafts Majin Okabe. We have the legendary gloves of Andriel Osrila. Many you don't know his son Armin poor child was most likely in line for these babies! But no see today they be in line for your beautiful people seeking to not only wear them in style but have gloves that by far i say are one the best of the best. 

The message is clear to whoever gets them. First come first serve. The coin is going to a charitable cause. And in the next year. FIVE! I said it Five. Lucky people can receive 1,000 coin just by telling Armin Osrila to go screw himself.. Truly a blessed time. Make sure to contact Sal-ta Vagmort to recieve the coin once you do it. And this will be only next year. 

Crime And Punishment [WEAPON]
1886AC - Forged by Majin Okabe

Such are the core tenets by which those whom who bear the humble title of retainer are sworn unto. The contractual pacts by which they carry out their duties, step by step, expeditiously performed to their master's utmost satisfaction, all in the name of servitude -- And a desire to crush those which would dare oppose such.

This tool may simply be called an extension of this; a means to an end for one who will stop at absolutely nothing to fulfill their obligations, the very essence of such a righteous compulsion woven and imbued into the very silk that composes these immaculate hand-coverings which hold a tint as black as the midnight sky itself.

Though with but a mere glance one could easily divine that there is more than meets the eye to this masterfully-weaved pair of gloves.

Forged out of a an extremely rare form of moonlit steel and arcanium are a pair of extremely durable, if not indestructible, jointed knuckle dusters, their exterior painted with runes that brim with fel energy, which serve as the partner-piece to these gloves; fused together by the very thread that makes up the accursed fabric. It is through this connection that this tool's true offensive capability shines, the threads running through each of the knuckles as if a different line. When placed in the hands of a worthy ether magi, these threads can be controlled at a whim by the user as if the strings of a puppet, each near-imperceptible piece of reinforced silk having the capability to slice through flesh and bone as if it were mere paper -- Wires phasing in and out of physicality with mere impulse.

A truly unstoppable force in the right hands.

Upon each knuckle of this brutalizing implement there lay fragments of glimmering golden crystal that further builds upon the capabilities of the weaponized thread. With each strike made with an opponent, they serve to draw out and absorb mana from their circuits, passing back through the wire and into the user, slowing weakening foes into a state where disposing of them is made all the easier.

The ideal tool for one whose aim is to efficiently dispose of trash.

One final area of focus is found in the form of the ring that stands in place of a joint on the left ring finger -- That which stands as a symbol of betrothal between this weapon's bearer and their duty. Any whom are unworthy to hold the responsibility and burdens its intended user did will find themselves unable to so much as wear these gloves, the very cloth rejecting and burning those who would attempt to do so in spite of it with foul occult energies.

Found on the back each of the gloves there are found the grinning visages of oni, their heads wreathed with crowns of thorns, denoting their creation by the artificer Majin Okabe."
Boost: +30power +20crit +10agi +3bio pow +3bio def +5occult pow +3occult def
{Gem: WarCry; CD: 45 seconds; Mana Cost: 10; Base Pow:0; AOE Pow:0}
[PRISTINE: 2 years remaining]

Price: 150000c
[Image: Cross-from-Trinity-Blood-trinity-blood-7...81-400.jpg]
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