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I discovered something interesting the other day. Some of my old seismic triggers, on the storm walls that once protected Novus. They had been languishing there for a… decent amount of time. I must admit, I had assumed that most of them were… broken. They were not really designed for… any of the recent events that have occurred. But waste not, want not, I went. And despite all odds, three of them actually worked! Was still working, at that.

I took them home, curious and giddy. Not everyday you get lucky like this! This… was going to be a very interesting set of data to parse. But while I was pouring over my glowing holo-graph datasets deep into the night, categorizing local weather data. I noticed something. Something that was out of place. A blip, in the wavelengths.

I looked more, and I began to find more of these blips. Scattered, all along the three datasets. And the more I looked, the more strange it became. It was the exact same wavelength, every time. Equally spaced out in intervals. 30 minutes, almost exactly to the second. There was… a call coming from below. Something mechanical, something machine. What was I seeing, what would do this?

That took my mind for a couple days, as I did a little digging. Picking up some old contacts, running through some old books. Searching. But I found an answer tucked away in an old Barsburgian navy textbook. It was a distress call, almost picture perfect.

Down in that deep, something has been calling out. I can only assume whatever it is, is damaged. Affected by the pandemonium. Hidden away and abandoned until now. An old sea-floor research facility? A new one? Whatever it is… 

With the combination of my fellow water-magi’s, and my magi-tech expertise, I’m sure we can think something up. An… aquatic vehicle? What a thought. But it seems, we may be going a little beyond the deep end this time…

Attendees: Clag Ossumear, Risto, Alisade, Milton, and maybe acouple others... 
Risk: CoD
Themes: Underwater. Magi-tech. Horror? Research Facility.
Rewards: Probably water-based items, or Magi-tech.
Discord: Eek, Run Away#3869
DM: Looking!
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