Character Opinion Thread
"A good friend, someone willing to fight to the death to protect who they care about. I'm lucky to be able to fight by your side."

- Jigan Ikaris
"Seems like a lad with a bright future ahead. But, he also appears to be rather troubled at times. I wonder why?"
- Rajak
"I've seen you around before. A fearsome fighter, a troublesome issue. Just my style. Hope to clash against you, one day..."
- cilantro loire
Oh, Rajak. My brother in blood. Your strength is something to be admired, though your fashion sense needs some work. However, your effectiveness cannot be denied.

Adrian Ivanovich
"You promised to teach me - yet all you gave was a single class and disappeared... About as reliable to teach as Rajak is to teach someone to spell.." - Viktor Delisle
"Viktor my dear friend, you are proving to be a promising specimen in several aspects! And I hope that my contributions to increase your knowledge will serve to something and that you will not end up blowing up more small animals..

It is.. Not something pleasant.. Not at all. "- Nidaz
[Image: Sig.png]
"I survived due to the councilor, due to his actions, his belief in me and my loyalty. His belief in my willingness to stand for my own ideals right? He's always offering things, offering me ways forward, I've seen things with him that many have not. I've enjoyed every single moment that I've had with him in his lab and his home has been comforting, he's taken me into his family, honestly he's rather great right...I get him.

I think he understands me as well, right councilor?"

-Eurydice Vanreth/Skoupidia/Sometimes Eury
Traitor! Consider yourself lucky that you still have both your eyes and that Sir Nidaz advocates for you, hmph!

--Tobias Petrovic
"His heart is in a very good place. I sparred with him a couple of times before, he's got tons of potential. Can't wait to see how great he'll become."

-Gren Beiskr.
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