Sanguine415The Savannan Campaign (Promethea vs Galamea)
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A sudden burst of activity seems to spike through the depths of the dark city of progress, the legions seeming to restlessly scurry about the makeshift dock works of the east. The flagship of the Dreadwoods seems surrounded by the dark hymns of fleshcrafters, ominous signs of movement to come without clear purpose.
Then, without further delay, they would move forth into the night. The seas traversed and the western edge of the continent approached. Their purpose? Simple.
The besieging and eventual annihilation of Galamea; the return of the Shadowed Savannah to lawless sands.
Calling a press release, the Major-Domo of Promethea had this to say on the oncoming march.

Long ago, my mentor Majin Okabe fought a brutal duel with a Dayndros and crushed her like a tin can. For years, Galamea has been allowed to serve as an on again, off again refuge for the east's enemies, juggling between the myriad factions that it can support as auxillaries. No longer. If the Rhoyns wish to be vassals of Osrona or Moxtli, they can do it personally by being refugees. The black legion marches on its first proper campaign, and at the head of the host sits the Weaveress herself, Centurion Lyrexia.
Reports say that the a sea of spiders follows the wake of the marching legion, and that the dark forces of the east are prepared to finally make their move after so long waiting in preparation.
GOAL: Besiege Galamea, prepare to glass it into the sands.
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The Emissary of the Weaver speaks out after news of the coming assault spreads.
Even going as far as bribing terrified couriers into reciting her words in the jewel of the Shadowed Savanna itself.

"Your people were among the first to mistake me for a Demon,
and I promised them then that even if I wasn't- I was still very much something to be feared.
Now I come to hear your people sing their anguish, and watch them trample each other to escape fate."

"Mother Savarra will smile as your lives twist in ways you never intended,
or your meaningless existences are snuffed out entirely. It matters not.
Not as long as our boredom is sated."

"So don't you all run away, hm~?
I'd hate to miss out on what delicacies the desert may offer.
My last meal was far from enough."

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"Through Thick & Thin... We all bleed red."
Many of you may find this proclaim to be rather... Unannounced. With time ticking? The need to act is, now... 

When I had proclaimed the need for a crusade to occur? I did not mean to limit it solely towards osrona's movements. So as long as evil remains restless? The clergy remains vigilant... Even if we are not meant to serve as the defender for all the lands. We must still yet try to do so... That is what it means to be selfless, to be courageous... In the face of all odds stacked against us? We come together and overcome it. Not by a single persons effort, could this crusade be done. 

But I believe in those who believe in me... And their beliefs? Reside in defending the desert, to ensure promethia and the demons they harbor. Cannot gain further footing onto the west. Once more, will we ride then. Men & woman of the clergy.... Once more will we attempt to defy fate and manifest destiny. It is as a pair of wise kings once told me.

Fake it, till you make it... And to beg for the heavens to help us? We cannot... We must survive, with our own powers. To show them their children can still yet survive this massacre. 
The Stellus, has formally announced their political stance on the affairs of this conflict. For better or worst...
The Clergy Shall Ride, to defend & defeat the wickedness that would threaten humanity.
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The time of battle approaches. Those of the east will come and be met with an allied force of not just those of the sands, but those of the tribes and of the Osronan clergy. It is at the forefront of it all the High-Lady herself stands to acknowledge those of Demonkind and followers abound.

Quote:"Demons, Demons... Demons. It seems you've all grown. You all know me, funny enough right? That same girl who once stood by with a naive mind to what you all truly are. Evil spawns of Hel'. However, don't worry... I'll save you... Belfanur. You won't have to worry anymore about food... I'll return you to Hel' where you can eat as much as you wish there."

"Borris... you're a strong one. Strong willed too. I remember when you snapped at my hand as a kid when I attempted to give you food. I remember the burns you've given me during our last encounter.... haha. I remember it all. I'll also be the one you remember as my weapon is driven straight into your being until you are no more. You're a fire that needs to be stomped out. You've already killed friends of mine. Friends of many here. That, will not go without consequence. I hope you're ready, because if I see you again, you will not like the outcome that befalls you. Demon."

"To all those whom side with them? They are simply using you for their own benefit. Pawns to be thrown into war and disposed of if you're too weak or better yet, eaten to make themselves stronger. That is whom you side yourselves with."


Let Njorun bare witness to his followers and ally alike.

We fight in this upcoming battle in glory. Let victory be our goal.

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Quote:"We simply choose, To Win."

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The conflict was intense, the two sides clashed with all of their mighty.. But the advance of Promethia's army was unstoppable, so.. The construction of siege weapons began and soon..
Galamea will crumble into dust.
Meanwhile, the sight of lesser demons roaming the desert is far more frequent - beings that prey on the unwary, travelers and citizens.. Feeding upon their very existence, but always leaving their skulls behind for their allies.. As a warning from a being, one brought to Esshar for one thing only, this being war! The abomination that does this, is not other than..
Belfanur, the Demon Lord.
Quote:"Weak fools unite in an alliance to try to stop my kin, but little it matters to us.. As nothing on this earth will be able to stop our advance, NOTHING!
e are the heralds of war and we have come to bring ruin.. Surrender now, serve us and you will be spared - but if not, run.. For the hunt has only begun."

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