LaemorCatacombs of Faith
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"We venture into the depths, in hopes to return with a promise for the future..."
Quote:"I have bore witness to the strength darkness has been amassing over the years. A book of unimaginable darkness, demons seeking to feast upon our citizens, a necromancer seeking to join the arch in lichdom... While I may not harbor the strength needed to save this land. To combat it? I must muster up the resolve and faith. To harbor a light capable of overshadowing its malevolent aura. 

With me now, those too who bare a sense of selflessness. We journey... Into the depths of the church, where the remains of legends remain and a fore coming trial to be tried."
Attendees: Silvia akh Pelleaux II + Requested
Risk: Whatever the DM sees fit.
Themes: Enduring, Trials, Angelic, Death-Defying
Rewards: Tome of Malziel's + Other-Goodies
Discord: Dabon Nix#1600
DM: Searching! (Experience Needed)
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