MillyThese Spiders Are Not Itsy Bitsy
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A felblooded Spider demoness who broke free of the Wolf King’s reign when Nanzo the 
Tyrant came a-calling. Gasha inflicted a semi-reign of terror in the early part of the twentieth 
century of Esshar, first as nothing more than a simple spider and later on as a femme fatale.

While her own merits were rather low key compared to other demons, and she 
seemed to hibernate often, she at the very least survived long enough within 
Esshar to form her own Kaorblade, as well as locate a capable demon in order to create… Well…


[Image: BMX71auCOUV8KPMkptSmvYsjhEYw8A7kKBQD0yfR...VIbEPWXOKw]

You can ask your mother all you want.
You won’t find out.

[Image: ntRleecG4FOfdQ7WLHDw2f6He3ECcWbxjQpeZX59...0TS_WggGjg]
  • Spawn in as a Spider demon, beginning at 180 RPL with Occult unlocked
  • 10 Dangers/Deadlies + 200 RPL = Unlocked Human Form
  • 20 Dangers/Deadlies + 2 weeks of playtime = Master/Exalted hidden (Non-IC Intense)
  • You will be considered a full blooded demon, which means you descend from 2 different demons. Therefore, you will be more intelligent than the average spider, congratulations.
  • Limited slots, act fast!

If this interests you, dm Milly!!#1888
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