VibeEntertainmentWhat lies beneath all the happiness.
"Do you ever stop and think that I'm not happy?"

"Do you ever wonder if something is terribly wrong?"

"Do you think it'll be fine because it's behind a smile?"

"You're wrong... I'm not happy. Something is terribly wrong. It's all hidden behind this smile you've come to love so much."

"Save me, before it's too late..."

- Bastina V. Dayndros

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"So many years have went by since I've been in that state of mind. I feel myself maturing, losing what childhood I had left."

"To think that with everywhere I've gone, all the people I've intereacted with. The two people who I want to spend it with most can't be here."

"Family, Friends and Friends to be... so many interactions waiting to be opened. Like a new page to this ever growing story."

"I can say that I'm genuinely happy again. Everytime I hear about the pains of others. People whom are my friends... special to me. Losing someone..."

"Fear of loss, is something I think is more scary than death."

"Losing someone you cherish will make you feel like in the heat of the moment, you can do anything and fight anyone to feel like you can get what you lost."

"We've all possibly lost that special person, why do you think taking it away from someone else will fix what was done to you? End the cycle and stop this."

"I've watched enough to know.. I won't ever take away someones happiness..."

"Not now, Not ever."

-Bastina V. Dayndros

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"This choice took a long time to make, I'll leave these thoughts alone."

"No more will I let them control me."

"I'll finally be free, free of it all. Free from them... free from everyone."

"It's always been this way, since the start."

"Now I'll make them happy, even if it means I have to give up every single ounce of my own happiness to do it."


- Bastina V. Dayndros.
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"I shouldn't let emotions and other things wittle down my mentality. Instead I should focus on the happiness I've had since I was a child and cherish it. Like I've cherished my friends and family, if I were to simply just die and give up... then it truly mean't nothing in the end. I have a duty to fufill a wonderful story, not just for myself but for everyone else."

"It's one thing to feel a certain way about something but with people around you to help support and guide you through those times so you stay on the right path is what helps the most."

"I may not be the strongest person, nor am I the smartest. I'm still young and growing and have the potential to do something great.. I believe I can."

"As time goes on, people come and people go. It's in the time that those people are around and how they interact with you that will leave a long lasting impression on you for some time to come."

"As much as I wallow in all these thoughts to myself, my family on both my Mother and my Father's side have never once abandoned me."

"As much as I feel like something may not be going my way now, there is no reason to believe that with hardwork and dedication I can do just as great things, if not better."

Time was something Bastina had taken a liking to. It was only a matter of time, before she used it in a way that was unique to her. To all those whom played a part from now until that point. You'll be remembered. Those small and those large.

"Thank you so much... everyone!"

- Bastina V. Dayndros

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"Years and years have went by."

"Everytime I get picked up and lifted up higher.."

"It feels like a miracle."

"It's like the moon and stars align..."

"When we all work together and combine."

"To all those small and major impactful interactions on my life that have molded me, helped guide me to what I'm striving to be."

"To break the rules of Space and Time."

"It all happens when we work together and combine."
"To make hard choices in your life are a given. It shows character and growth."

"Yet you're the one who made me see a new part of my life that needed to be opened."

"Thank you Leon."
"To both my Father and Mother... you both are wonderful people in your own right. Without you I simply wouldn't exist, that.. is a fact."

"I love you both dearly and wish you nothing but the best. I hope you can one day look at everything I've done and be proud of me for it."

"Love you, Mom and Dad."
"To all my friends and family as a whole. I can't begin to explain how much you've done for me and even till this very day you've all done nothing but be kind to me and I cherish you all with every single part of my heart."

"You're all just as important to me and you've made me feel to you. I love you all."
"It's time now that my childhood is over, I mature and grow towards something more. If not now, It will be soon. That much I assure you with every ounce of my being..."

"I will make sure even if I hold it all on my back alone, that from the sands of the desert to the very palace itself..."

"I will make it great again."

"That, is a promise."

- Bastina V. Dayndros
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"I see a new path. One that's bright like the sun gleaming on Galamea."

"One that I feel nothing but great happiness in walking upon it."

"I'm weak, still with so much potential to grow and become something great for those to remember."

"Even if my time to get there is slower, I will do so at my own pace."

"I was told, that if you allow others to judge you and decide how you should be.. you're not doing it for yourself."

"So with that in mind?"

"I simply choose to win. I won't allow anyone else to ever decide how I'll move forward. It's my life, my story... my genesis."

- Bastina V. Dayndros
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With the blessing of a friend, Bastina would vow on this day...
Making a note scribbling within her small booklet of thoughts...
To Make Galamea Great Again.

"I vow, on the very primordial Njorun himself... that I High-Lady Bastina V. Dayndros of Clan Ilian, here by fight for Galamea and those who stand by us first and foremost. I will die for Galamea and comrades abound."

"There will not be a moment where I do not think of others before myself."

"There will not go a day I don't miss sleep trying to do what I can for those around me in full."

"I will protect Galamea. That, is my word."

"It's like, a dream... that became a very enriching reality... I hope where ever you are now... you'll see that I've come this far, not just for them... but for you too."

- Bastina V. Dayndros

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"It's been a long time... as things came and went. As things still are going even now. I can't help but feel like I should understand it more."

"Even as fast as I am. To move in instants. From one point to another as if skipping in Time itself.... I can only wonder the borderline that could potentially gate me from that which is directly before me. I've felt it... I've done it already and even at a point directly understood it. Yet... something is missing. Perhaps this mark is a curse but the power within it could be the key?"

"To even think that for one moment in my life. Things are simple as they were when I was but a child. I'd be a fool. I will not stop, not until I can freely go beyond the very boundaries that limit us. I've taken years to master Chronomancy. From since I was younger to now, I've further branched into such a Magic with my own movements... my very speed that is very close to rivaling his. The limit stopping me is something I already know."

"To pass it however? It's very simple in words alone."

"To be free and move without limit, without restriction."

"To Break the Rules of Space and Time."

"I've already transcended. The only thing that remains is to harness it in my own two hands. Mine alone."

- Bastina V. Dayndros
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