CapriccioA Rabbit's Foundlings
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Despair and strife are unfortunate daily companions for the people of Esshar be they peasant or nobility but what if someone came and offered to take it away? Through a rare herb to cure a deathly ailment, an enchanted tool for to ease a daily struggle, perhaps a potion to win a heart or stop one; on a moonless a creature adorned with a runic mask approached the suffering people and the offered the perfect remedy for their woes great and small all for the same terrible price… a child.
A price that some willingly paid.
Was the rabbit being kind or manipulative? Were they helping those most in need or preying on the desperate? Even though the rabbit’s motives could be endlessly debated the story ends the same way as a demon will always collect their dues. On the eve of the thirteenth year after those shadowy deals the prologue finally nears its end and a new dark chapter is ready to begin…
  • While combat was taught as a necessity Kuro personally taught you other skills; deception, disguise, stealth and the incredible value of overhearing things you weren’t supposed to.
  • Your education would be very good having been personally tutored by the best scholars the Woods had to offer starting from a very young age.
  • Heavily encouraged to worship Nyx and the Old Guard like Kuro does but you aren't going to be forced to
  • Will be incredibly loyal to the Tyrant again like Kuro; his dream of the Lion’s end is your dream as well and you were raised to aid him in achieving it.
  • Growing up alongside demons, occultists, undead and other such things you will likely be unbothered by them.
  • Lots of opportunities to learn flesh-crafting, riftmancy, occultism, witch-craft all that cool fun taboo stuff the church disapproves of.
  • Your rabbit parent has a plethora of connections and if you want to dev something specific they can likely connect you with a teacher for it.
  • Since you were ‘adopted’ you can be any race, gender, magic etc the sky is the limit (within reason, if you want to be something very exotic we’ll need to discuss it before hand).
  • Got some real cool masks for you kids to wear but also potentially dev items and other such things to be earned
  • Two slots open at the moment but if there is a lot of interest there is room for more children given the nature of this emporium, will try not to get too crazy with it though
  • Will spawn in 1919 alongside the other batches of kiddos
  • No google form as I’ve never really liked those things, if you are interested just send a message to me on discord at Capriccio#5078 and expect some basic questions.
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