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Quote:Your mother, The Voice of Moxtli, Leader of House Meztin.

She's probably in your other character's journal.

Her reign lies mostly with instilled fear, than any, yet her children are more prone to grow overconfident under her bias.

Will probably deadly-3 the father of your high school bully.

Eats magi flesh, and such is no secret from her spawn.

Sent you and your siblings on pilgrimages out of the continent by yourselves to harden you, and teach you survival.

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Quote:Your... father????

Kistune, Moxtlian warrior. 

An odd fox, quiet but doting. He naturally always has favored his own little pack over your few half-siblings, oft dragging you out into the shallow wilderness and away when mother would not know, teaching the hunt, softly lecturing on spirits and life.

In contrast to mother, he rarely expressed any sort of disciplinary lashing out. Less rare, though still rare, was affection. Most of your memories with your father are likely quiet moments where he just seemed content to see you growing up in small ways. The most you often received was probably constant reminders of loyalty above all else.

Not the best at speaking, you might take after that softness of his voice, or the occasional disjointed sentence. Or not. Your limbs (probably) aren't unusually long and permanent discolored.

Thankfully, your face definitely isn't a mask.

You will spawn on 1919. Dryad or Kitsune.
Dryads can be of any of the four seasons, and are not limited to Winter.

You are one of five siblings.
(You probably also are a cannibal.)
Your face can be a mask like your father's.

Great potential of progression within the ranks of Moxtli, and Spirit-related development.

You have a large, active family. Two of your siblings are roaming around daily. (One of which is (not) Osrona nobility (actually a bastard), whoops.)
(Yes Wolfie, you can be a scarecrow Dryad)


Apply Here!
I forgot to specify a closing date, but we'll stop taking applications May 16th.

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gonna need some Kitsunes too! ! ! !
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