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Diplomacy is a wonderful thing, but sometimes something a little more is needed.

Forces are mustered and unified, an amalgamation of independent actors working alongside the full recruited strength of Moxtli to march on the tropical city of progress in the east. Open invitations to join the efforts are sent to the other nations built upon the half of the continent which the sun sets. The West moves against The East, yet this isn't a war of conquest, nor one of outright genocide.

The goal is instead very simple: make the city itself no more.

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Target: The City of Promethia

Objective: Set up a siege to later raze the city,
to later return it to firm soil and tall grass.

Date: TBD
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The Demon Slayers will be among the many assisting in this siege. Yet, their objective is not the destruction of the city itself, but something wicked that lies within it. They seek the destruction of the riftgate, to put an end to the conjuring of demons from afar.

Target: The riftgate.
Destruction of the riftgate.
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Following an exchange of letters and internal discussions,
a detachment of warriors and Magi plan to lend the might of the Ebonblooded to the siege.

The announcement made by the Herald's own daughter,
Black Priestess Nadeya Svarovsky,
as many of the newer generation seem eager for their share of blood.

"The city serves as a barrier,
a shield to protect those who still revere Naysien's dinner.
We will make sure they know their fate will be the same."

"They aren't safe."

Target: The City of Promethia.

Objective: Ensure it's destruction.
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The wind went on from West to East;
All movement in the forest ceased,
But shrill and harsh across the marsh
Its whistling voices were released.

Shaman and warrior rallies. Upon their front, one with antlers.
The chime of bells hanging from its branches now a dreadful reminder of the war she brings.

Quote:"Bask upon the Seed's glow once last, brave warrior."
"For I order you not to fight, but to die with me."

"Be it through magic, or our bloated corpses clogging the contraption."
"We will raze the city, and bring its defenders to the soil."

Target: The City of Promethia

Objective: The occupation of Promethia.

Date: TBD
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The news of the oncoming siege of Promethea is met with a sudden burst of frenetic activity; common beasts, demons, and lesser automatons lining the walls of the city with dogged perception. The ragtag army of beasts, soldiers of the Last Light, warriors of the Dreadwoods, and ancient phenoms appears prepared to weather another siege; ballistae and catapults stand perched upon the territory in waiting for what comes.
The timeless synthetic and Major-Domo of the city, Godfrey the Created, offered a speech to the defenders with gusto, the message sent out to the oncoming forces with apparent zeal despite the less than fortuitous circumstances.

Quote:We face an army of opportunists. Lickspittle newts we spared from annihilation, a disparate tribe led by a cannibal of spirits and flesh, and a chicken winged ambassador of darkness who's aim will certainly turn if we are gone. These odds would seem poor if we were any other city, but we've already achieved this victory when we defended the gate's activation. They NEED that many nations to stand a chance against us, and that many nations will fall upon our spears and be redeemed in steel.

Despite being known for his lack of emotional expression, witnesses say the acting leader of Promethia's words seemed passionate and furiously determined.
Quote:Let them come. And spread word. Marie, you whore traitor, decadent filth. A stain on both your bloodlines, how far will you cast your mirage? How long will you fool those you aid with your fallacies, knowing all the while you are as rotten as those you declare your enemy. Come then, return home. But do not flee from Lord Yellowjacket, he has been waiting for you.

Goal: Kick out the combined armies of Esshar a second time.

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In the wake of Nanzo's deep slumber as a Lord of Darkness, Cynthia Vanreth takes temporary lead over the Militia, re-awakening long dead warriors from their eternal sleep, stench of undeath reeks through the lands.

Tombs and graves within become desecrated, undead rising from the crypts in high numbers. Wielding sword and shields, axes, haliberds, spears and what not. Bows and rifles. Their eyes glowing with pale, green ether... All of them following the lead of Champion of Darkness, Virion.

Along with a tall hulk of a monstorsity, the Annihilator, Mors. Both are appointed commanders, elites of such Undead Legion.

"Marie... My student, although I tried my hardest to ignore the spread out rumors about you, I'm afraid it is about time that my patience runs out. Your ambitions are great. With those thoughts I can't wait to see how well will you fare in the warfare. And how well have you honed your skills before you eventually betrayed my allies."

"Come forth, Marie. Come forth, all fo you. And face the Wrath..."

"Of Necromancy."

 Dreadwoods joins the defense of Promethea with a huge force adding up to the future bloodshed.

Now it wasn't just The West versus Promethea, but The West vs The East.

Although not fully confirmed, there are rumors of a third, hidden elite that is waiting to be unchained for the upcoming battle.

Goal: Defend Promethea
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Signs of preparations can be seen throughout the entirety of Novus. Marvels of Magi-Tech arise, born from the hard work of the inventors found within the city. Weapons and Armor that make any artificer gaze in awe, firearms that make the products of any other settlement pale in comparison. Soldiers who extend far beyond what the naked eye can comprehend, the sound and movements made within their training is enough to make the ground below them shake.

Overviewing all this is the Vanguard Commander, Sol Vanrouge, making sure that the city is more than ready to assist Promethia in its battle against the West.
Amidst all this, he can also be seen making a statement, towards the West that has finally decided to bare its fang onto the East.
A battle that was foreseen since long ago. The only thing that's surprising to me that it is happening so soon. Though, I find myself questioning every single faction that's aiming for us at the moment, those who think that their issues will be resolved if they succeed in their attempt.
Will those solve the issues that you claim it will?
Those of the Ebonblooded. Tell me, what will happen, now that you've bared your fangs against the East? Where will this take you? Do you have the confidence of taking on Osrona, on your own? Do you think that your current 'allies' will truly be there for you, once you decide to take the battle to Osrona. You've already lost your sole chance at winning this war, and that is something that you shall learn sooner than later.
Tell me, Demon Slayers of the West. Do you think that once this is over, you shall be seen as heroes? Will you truly be seen as heroes, once you are painted as the villainous ones, with the way you use things such as the occult and other 'heinous' things? I've seen the product of your practices, it's a shame that these actions of yours will simply accelerate your downfall.
To those of the West, it makes me smile to see you all gather like this, just to take down a singular city. In a sense, you are admitting your weakness. But do you think that Promethia will be fazed by this? Do you truly think that those in the East will accept such things? You've grown overconfident, and we have grown stronger with each loss. Overconfidence has been the downfall of many, and you shall be no different.
Start repenting, those of the West. Start praying for mercy from those you worship..
As we shall show none.
Novus's stance is completely clear when it comes to the situation at hand.
Novus will be assisting Promethia in the upcoming battle.
Goal: Protect Promethia.
( OOC - Date set for Friday, 6PM EST. Speak to to one of your faction leaders if you need an early matchup so they can liaison with the others. ) 
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Camps upon the frontlines lay in ruin.
The fallen left behind in hasty retreat.

Promethia stands, however abused just yet.
Yet Moxtli's ferocity only seems to spiral further, upon the close defeat.

Some say, however, amidst the chaos;
A fairy's entire being laid unfurled, akin to fireworks amidst the night's sky.

Quote:"Fret not, brave warrior. Cleanse thine wounds with iced waters."
"For your hardest, is all I aske you for."
"Not every battle lays ahead to be won."
"Learn thine fault with haste. Our war has just begun."
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The aftermath of the raid on Promethea defied expectations, the broken walls of the city built upon the ruins of countless others holding the line at great cost of life. The battlefield left countless corpses in its wake, the bloody bay sparkling ruby on the sands beside the city of dark progress. Yet, the countless dead from every nation of Esshar would find new service as the sentries of the city they staked their lives upon or against. 
Countless corpse wagons were seen ominously entering and leaving the battlefield, with rumors implying the arch lich would make good use of a sea of corpses the defense had provided. 
Word would quickly spread from the Major-Domo of Promethea following the successful defense to Esshar at large, a speech to the men that had fought and survived the bloody campaign that had killed countless common soldiers.

"We have fought to preserve the long night this day. The boon you earned was not just freedom; no, that is owed to you for your valiance in the face of uncertain odds. I have made good on my word, and the one hundred thousand coins Moxtli paid for the dryad will not just repair Promethea's walls, but rebuild it greater and sturdier than ever. Matthias and I will architect a wondrous spire in honor of this battle, that which defined the turning point in Esshar's history. Lord Yellow Jacket will be memorialized for his martyrdom, and we will not falter no matter what comes."
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