EbnerGreenThe Ebner Lineage
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"... how long are we going to keep walking, Klaus?"                        
                         In a desert we found one another.
No place to call home.
Brothers bound by blood...                        
                         "I'm thirsty."
"Hungry here."                        
                         "There's a boar right there, go kill it."
"You shouldn't kill another for your benefit, brother..."                        
                         "Shut up, Arthur."
A bond forged by survival.                        
                         "Hm? There's someone lying in the sands there."
A missing link.                        
                         "Let's help them."

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"What have you done?! You killed him! This wasn't part of our plan!"                        
                         "Our plan? There is only my plan."
Such corruption. So tainted...
I'll get rid of it, even if I have to do it all myself...

There once was a man named Alexander the Ebner.
He was big and strong, in his eyes, a flaming glow.
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear.
But to Esshar chicks, he was such a lovely dear.

A bastard whose misconducts were spoken of through hearsay expanding even beyond the walls of the Kingdom of Dyserth. His stern, hardy and straightforward attitude has earned both praise and criticism.
But more foul than his nature were his deeds.

Another village razed.
Another child was born.

"This child... it has some strange mark...! Burns?!"

Throughout his years, this man has planted seeds wherever he went. And yet, not a single woman kept him. In their last moments spent together, all they could see was a cloak of golden flowing behind the leaving man. He had more lands to visit, conquer, and populate. His Empire was not going to build itself. 

"Be born, my Children! Live, prosper! To get rid of the corruption that taints our lands, I give you my divine genes! Rejoice, for you are the Ebner lineage!"

There was no time to waste. In his life-time, he could only spend so much time on a single child. Therefore, he taught them from an early age. The Fist of the Ebner was a technique created and masterfully utilized by this man. With his fist, he could shape the world. His fist had no equal. Whether it be an unruly woman, or his own child, he would not hesitate to teach them a lesson. A lesson both gentle and strict. A father's fist, and yet also the fist of an aggressor. It was through this technique that his children were crafted to each possess a shard of the first Ebner's personality.

In the end, he has created over a thousand soldiers...

"Through this mark, you shall be united!"

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