DakThe White Eye Company
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"Come to make a deal? You've come to the right place!"

The establishment of the White Eye Company is released on the front pages of the Lewran Times. A company focused on bringing young and old talent together to ensure growth and progress continues despite the current affairs in Esshar.

Our company seeks to uphold three core values:
-Integrity First
-Protection and Privacy To Our Associates
-Development and Progress For The Future

The White Eye Company is founded and ran by none other than Astraea Lewra, founder and head producer of the Lewran Times. Before we can talk more about the company. What exactly do we do and who do we work for? The White Eye Company is a guild bringing in alchemists, artificers, and all sort of other professions in order to help simulate business and trade across Esshar. With open hostilities and battles becoming more commonplace. Those who join the guild will safeguard one another from the troubles of war, and instead focus on creativity and crafting. As our company expands, we plan to establish a company guard to fulfill our promise of protection to our associates. However, in the meantime we will simply put our efforts in creating the foundations for a workspace where all can grow.



Head of the Company Board and CEO
Creates mission for the Company, oversees projects, and chooses board members.
Member of the Board
A selected investor or trusted associate to manage and plan the company's mission direction, makes suggestions/changes to company policy, and acting representative.

Officer of the Company
Manages projects, expeditions, and good productions. Full-Time employees selected by the Guildmaster or Councilor.

Worker of the Company
A part-time employee that has been contracted to work for the company till the end of their contract

Member of the Company
Non-contracted members of the company, but still collaborate, share, and/or invest in the company

Issued Uniforms to Company Workers will be given out soon (when I decide to sprite them eventually)
(Send a message at Croissant#8552 if you'd like a scene! Or just send a letter to Astraea Lewra.)
White Eye Company Contractor+ have permission for housing in Novus
(Still check in with Chancellor Eris Vorso for registration)
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