JessHomecoming of the Vulture

Nearly two centuries ago, four Great Spirits were sacrificed to placate Saekanis.
A sacrifice to save all of Esshar from potential destruction beneath the Winter Wolf's wrath.
For generations, Shamans and Tribesmen alike have sought to restore these spirits.

The first two generations following the Pandemonium Chase succeeded in restoring three to their former glory.
Yet beneath the leadership and dedication shown by Rowan Moon, it was time that the final Spirit be restored.

Following an expedition deep into the dangerous marshes, many expedited preparations were made.
Spiritualists and Shamans gathering materials and preparing offerings, something was soon to be underway.

"It has taken far too long, but finally we can see balance begin to restore itself.
We will honor Xotonal, and together we will free him from where it has rested."

"Tonight the Vulture takes flight once more."

-Rowan Moon

Ritual to be held tonight at 5 PM EST in Moxtli's center!
Allies are invited, and encouraged to participate!
[Image: WxEbmmA.png]

Many came to the call of the Shaman.
Some out of curiosity, some out of faith.
Regardless of purpose or original intent however,
none would leave without witnessing a miracle.

Nearly all in attendance offered blood or mana towards a great ritual.
Under the guidance and direction of the Head Shaman,
it's said that many not even of the Tribes followed in the traditional art known as Spiritdancing.
It was a moment of unity in the war torn lands, as for the first time in decades Xotonal's cry echoed across Esshar.

The Vulture soared once more.

The Tribelands began to flourish, as now all four of it's patrons were restored.
The parting words of Rowan Moon carried far beyond the moment.

"Today will mark the closing of a chapter for Moxtli, and for Esshar.
We will not forget the past, and we will honor it, but now?
We can finally begin to move forward."

[Image: WxEbmmA.png]
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