ailHel's Culling
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Word begins to spread that a group of demon hunters, sanctioned by War Chief Amaranthis, forms within Moxtli.
Quote:"...since coming to Esshar, they have hunted me. Some struck mindlessly. Some wished to slay me for tending to their victims, others staked their claim upon my life due to the wings on my back. They've defeated me, time, and time again. They've killed companions, kidnapped loved ones, scarred and cursed me. Yet, rather than be broken by the curse upon my flesh and my soul, it's their curse that's given me power.

Given me strength.

Given me all I needed to hunt them down, and destroy them.


Care to join me?

Or will you stand in my way?"
To fight demons and demon sympathizers. There is a zero demon or demon sympathizing policy. If someone says, "But some demons are harmless", you correct them.


Reaper: Picture the Hashira from demon slayer.

Demon Slayer: This rank is reserved for one who's in possession of a unique demon slaying weapon, and has taken the life of a demon. Someone in this position should have a fair amount of strength, as demons can be quite vengeful creatures.

Demon Hunter: Someone who has been trained extensively on how to handle demons, and has bested a demon at least once. Must be knowledgeable on how to track down and fight demons. Has also assisted with the completion of their demon slaying blade.

Reaper in training: A newbie. A green thumb. Someone who probably can't tell a demon from a fish. Has yet to learn how to track down, defend themselves from, or fight a demon. A position reserved for new members and fresher characters. Will be subjecting to craft and ritualistic rp in order to create their own unique demon slaying blade.
-I'm on about five days a week
-You, too, can become an edgy demon hunter that uses occult to fight demons
-I have plenty of things to dev for this group
-You can join and be a part of the creation of your own unique demon hunting blade
-There are plenty of antags to get temped and permed by
-If we can't find a dm I can dm and perm you for sweet, sweet loot
-Seraphina is a medic, alchemist, and blacksmith so if the goods are acquired there is no need to worry about starting gear or perms (save ur 100 dollars on buying a hidden instead of stupid boosters)
-I'm on at weird hours sometimes due to my work schedule
-Your leader is a hyper violent occultist. (This is a con for some people so it's going here.)
-While some situations do call for it, if you kill and cap a random person on first encounter I might scream at you in dms. While I do plan on making strong items to help offset the fact that most of your enemies already have two hiddens, they need to be used responsibly. Deaths should require good ic, and killing someone in the wild on first encounter for dev points generally isn't.
-I felt the need to clarify con number three due to the nature of what the group is.
Message me at Kale#4173 of interested in joining.
(I work in two hours so I plan on kickstarting this tomorrow)
We'll be having our first meeting, tonight, after the ritual in Moxtli.

All the people making fresh spawns for the demon slayers are encouraged to make and attend this as well.
[Image: TUdesyI.jpg]

"Things have gotten terrible, haven't they? We gained ground on Novus, yet were forced to defend the World Tree seed, for who knows what would've come of this realm, should we have faltered. When the call was made to rally against Promethea, an opportunity arrived. A bit of light flourished within all of this darkness! We were to tear down their walls, shut down the rift gate within their domain, and put an end to the demon flood that pours through it!

But, we failed. One of their titans fell, yet chaos still reigns.

We set out to destroy their lands, to prevent the destruction of this realm.

Set out to make ourselves hypocrites, to protect a world that's seemingly trying to turn itself into a fetid, rotten,


...and we failed.

Tragic, isn't it?


Alas, times are changing, and so must we. There are far more willing to support demons, than demons themselves, so to keep prancing around as Demon Slayers is no longer fitting. Simply, Slayers, is more accurate. Especially considering the ogre corpse pile you beautiful cretins have created...."

-Those who enact Hel's culling will thusly be referred to as 'Slayers'.
-Finely Ghede, Ten Ino, and Ren have all been granted the rank Slayer for their efforts.
-The three aforementioned can be approached for recruitment, or training.
-Reynaud, resident blood-nut, has been made head of the Slayer research team.
-Rumors of an anti-rift project begin to circulate throughout Moxtli.
-A trip to Theria is in the works, likely related to the bullet point above! (I bet u all forgot about the riftgate in theria, pepperidge kale didn't)
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