* = Complete
* = In progress
Otherwise pending

This is purposely brief in places and omits much detail of systems with many branches that redefine, innovate, and improve the experience. It serves as a general roadmap and will be updated occasionally. No set or approximated date for completion.

➤ Overhead chat *
➤ Differentiates LOOC from Say for better readability *
➤ <f> tag that allows for any font face in roleplays *
➤ Chat shortcuts for Say / RP *
➤ Chat tabs reorganized from All, IC, OOC to IC, OOC, All *

➤ Custom prop database that allows players to upload props to the building system as public or private (policed by admins), removing the need to ticket for props and expanding decor options. *
➤ Player-built settlements and buildings with flexible outdoor decoration and landscaping. *

Dungeon Master
➤ Teleport Group: 'Form a follow line' no longer necessary. *
➤ Duplicate Item: Makes an exact replica of the target item, sprite included.*
➤ Generate Light.*
➤ Display HP: Displays the HP of everyone nearby as if they were in a group RPB, for all to see.*
➤ Local Friendly Fire: Best used in combination with display HP.*
➤ Boss mechanics / spells.

Tutorial Quest NPC
➤ Buy an item. *
➤ Sell an item. *
➤ Craft a torch. *
➤ Defeat a monster. *
➤ Fight a player. *

➤ Happiness that influences effectivity of lifestock and reproduction rates. *
➤ Lifespans. Can bury or butcher on death. *
➤ Can pet animals. *
➤ White chicken, brown chicken, golden chicken. Begins as a tiny baby chick. Lays eggs. *
➤ Pigs that can be commanded to leave and harvest truffles.
➤ Cows that can be milked.

Life Skills
➤ You select an occupation during character creation that grants double EXP In a life skill: adventurer, miner, cook, forager, or fisherman. *
➤ Quests grant activity points. The adventurer (default life skill) gets +50% AP from quests. *
➤ Life skills are extremely intense to level up and highly valued. New ore and resources will be introduced that only high level miners and foragers can harvest, for example. *
➤ Cooking's level up formula is now consistent with the other life skills, the 3 hour delay removed. Different recipes grant varying amounts of EXP. Like other life skills, it's still a huge investment to develop. *
➤ High quality ingredients can be fished and farmed. These grant a bonus of +1 power when used in a recipe, and the bonus does stack if multiple HQ ingredients are used. *
➤ Fishing has been improved. It shows a progress meter when you have a catch, and more difficult fish require extra taps. Enhanced variations of the fishing rod that decrease difficulty. *

➤ 'Special resource' functionality. When a DM applies this status to an item, the resource can now be used in crafting. So a DM could spawn 'Chuggums Fur' and give it 1 wind pow, that toggle on the shirt and cloak slot. A T1 artificer can craft the Chuggums Fur on to an item of the appropiate slot, and it's expended with the stats transferred, and afterwards they can change the name and description as well as grant a unique tag. An item can only have up to one special resource. *
➤ 'Masterpiece' recipes. Artisan, Master, and Grandmaster, three tiers to strive towards. These are given for commendable artifcer roleplay and experience. Used like an enchant, it applies a direct bonus to the target item and applies a masterpiece tag, then you can modify the name/desc/unique tag, with a cooldown of 10, 15, or 20 years depending on the tier. Masterpiece bonuses do not stack, but they do overwrite. There's also an 'activity check' that prevents artificers who haven't been consistently active within the past 2 weeks from using this recipe. *

➤ Seven new potions.*

➤ 'Hidden Tokens' renamed to Mastery Points. *
➤ You now gain a second Mastery Point at 210 RPL if you have at least 10 dangers/deadlies. A vast majority of spells will be made public, making journals unnecessary. More grand / epic magic can still be rewarded (rift/wayfinding, necromancy, BDE mythic spells, etc) but this makes it so a person doesn't have to touch the forum. *
➤ Witchcraft class via the Book of Shadows. A coven leader can recruit people, having them sign their name to be granted the basics of witchcraft, then they amass and spend Essence to unlock new abilities through the book. *
➤ Demon spawning via a witch ritual. Costs a large amount of Essence. The witch names the demon, and if a character makes with the same name they're teleported over with the race applied (a passwork lock effectively). 
➤ Mentor Ability for Occult, Holy, Medic.
➤ Absorption Magic (needs testing) *
➤ Summoning Magic mechanics (needs spell setups but the functionality is there) *
➤ New public spells.
➤ Demon race.
➤ ?? race.

➤ Able to grab / drop any object. If done so within a settlement or building territory, the new location saves. *
➤ Send everyone flying when a battle begins, unless they're in it.
➤ Improve race unlocks so you're made aware of your options.
➤ Herbs and ore to support the new recipes, especially extremely rare finds.*
Updated the above with what's complete since (most).

Also the roadmap now includes:

➤ Over twenty five new resources.*
➤ Fifty cosmetic items added to the store.*

➤ Necromancy Class.*
➤ Faith Class.
➤ Greathive Class.*
➤ Aether Magic.
➤ Shapeshifting.

Item modifiers for public recipes & uniques.

➤Dungeons that can be accessed with rare keys via parties.
➤Boat travel.
➤Merchant wagons.
Sky map.*

Here are some of the recent previews from the #teaser channel in Discord, & thank you all for your support through this period!

[Image: unknown.png] [Image: runestones.gif]

[Image: ruins10.gif]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: boats.gif]
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