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Big ghost really 4PF, you CANNOT stop this nigga from getting to the bag.

5 years from now he gonna be a famous artist, opening up a art show in Miami.
No one gonna get their art, he gonna be in Ozark, you just can’t beat this nigga.

$$VPN King$$
Ghost if you reading this and boy i live near florida if i see you or find you. I'm beat the ever living coins, bricks or whatever the fuck i can out of you.
[Image: Cross-from-Trinity-Blood-trinity-blood-7...81-400.jpg]
As I don't really actively Play right now, it's not like I need the icon I commissioned, but I am sad that I didn't get the item since I was so hyped for it.

I'm still not quite sure what brought up the entire issue currently, but hopefully things work out anyway!
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