Character: Izanami no Taiyang
Event: Honey, I Ate the Easter Bunny
Difficulty: Medium CoD?

Responsiveness: 2/5 - this score is low, but don't worry! it'll come the more you DM.
the posts were a bit long and things took a bit. as an addendum though, the content of said posts was very lovely and worth reading! i'd just advise spacing the content of said posts out a little bit, because i'd like to be present for each and every one, but real life does beckon sometimes.

Balance: 3/5 - moderately well balanced! i dislike the use of earthquake in events wherein it is not thematically fitting, i feel.
both the rabbit and the tree used it, along with several aoes which made me feel like i did not participate very much.
this is okay in short bursts, but it felt like it was done a bit too frequently for me to participate.

Fairness: 5/5 - lovely rewards, risks were fair, lots of branching paths to follow. i very much appreciated the detail of the hunger being inflicted being represented through mana absorb.

Overall: 3.5/5

you're very very promising as a DM! mechanical hiccups aside, all you need is some time to get used to the mechanics of eternia DMing, since it does stray a bit from other kinds of DMing...

bless ur heart and i hope that u have a good night. thank you for your time.
Character: Auriel Tabbris
Event: Honey, I Ate the Easter Bunny

Responsiveness: 9/10 - Personally don't have any major issues with this, there were a few moments where things felt slow but understandably as there was plenty happening and time is needed to create something beautiful. We're all human! The content of the story and everything in it was quality!

Balance: 9/10 - In my opinion, things felt fairly balanced for me, I wasn't watching everyone's health through the fights but there was a point you could have breathed and I would drop like a sack of potatoes. I do believe that some of the earlier fights such as the NPC clash could have been slightly too easy which is the only real reason I didn't give a perfect score here, but I really enjoy where an event scales in difficulty nearing the end which I will say that Rabbit put the fear of Kraus in me. No mana, no health, I was screaming.

Storytelling: 10/10 - A cohesive adventure that flowed through the chaos and circled back to a foreshadowed moment near the start to collectively wrap it all together in a nice bow. I really enjoyed it.

Fairness: 10/10 - The Rewards and the injuries were themed to the event/ECs and I believe they were quite lovely.

Overall: 9.5/10.

Any other comments: I would be happy to attend your events in the future! Honestly, it was a long ride but I enjoyed myself. Keep DMing, Keep growing, keep being you. You can only improve with experience and I hope to get the opportunity to see more.
Character: Raffiel Gardios
Event: The Call of the Righteous

Responsiveness: 9/10 - Was great on timing imo. Never felt like I was waiting an uncalled for amount of time for injury posts or narrations. If anything could've been differently it would be a bit of prep on introduction narrations but literally not a big deal either way at all imo lmao.

Balance: 9/10 - Very nice, very fun. If anything could've been a bit more difficult and less focused on being lengthy enough but other than that no complaints especially considered medium CoD.

Storytelling: 10/10 - For what we got, I'm very satisfied! Rewards were lore heavy and fun, and ofc most of us ended up having to rush through ultimately due to ooc which I can't apologize more sincerely for, considering I'm sure what you had to give vs what you had planned were different things! Loved the pace, loved the narrations and overall had a lot of fun with it.

Fairness: 10/10 - The difficulty of puzzles and battles was about accurate to the level of risk we requested in the event. The rewards were amazing, and balancing on bosses was very accurate from beginning to end!

Overall: 9/10

Any other comments: Really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us, especially on my birthday! Great dude, super easy to work with and super patient all the way through. Ran this very quickly after getting his hands on the guidelines. Highly recommend this man!
Character: Willowtalon
Event: Honey, I ate the Easter Bunny
Responsiveness: 9.5/10 I for one don't mind waiting for quality posts sure it might delay it a little longer than some like but it gives a more rounded story!
Balance: 9/10 Gave a mixup of traps, big fights and a NPC grind it rounded together well but the NPC grind could have been amped a little more their damage was a little lackluster, fun all the same though I love seeing those little exerts in events! However some of the bosses though extremely challenging could have used a little more power aswell to increase that threat meter!
Storytelling: 10/10 I know you said you deviated a bit from your outline but! adapting and continuing forth without truly skipping a beat is a good thing to have within events as it tied together with the intended story really well and over all I enjoyed the plot as it unfolded! Was alot of fun!
Fairness: 9.5/10 the risk could have been a little higher but all in all the fights were challenging the rewards from what I seen seemed more than fitting!
Overall: 9.625/10
Any Other Comments: I appreciate the time for this event and looking forward to seeing/hearing of ones ran in the future! My only real suggestion going forward is to amp the power of the EC's just a little more! Overall!!!! ThankYou so very much for not using Mana Absorb Aura!
Character: Sal-ta Vagmort
Event: Honey, Coming of Age
Responsiveness: 10/10 Dude was on point and rocking to make sure everyone was included. 

Balance: 9/10 Balance was amazing and fair as it was close, and our healer saved our ass. But the only thing was the sprite that made it kinda hard to locate but that wasnt their fault mostly only available sprite for a monster like this. Amazing though fight and well balance.

Storytelling: 10/10 I came in as a tag along assist and made me feel great to help out and help plan things with other amazing players. The old man knew how to run his ass out of danger. And the scene of teamwork was glorious. Different factions literally came together to handle this situation. 

Fairness: 9.5 It was pretty decent but i want to see you with more destructive power to lay mothers cluckers all over the place. But all and all it was simply glorious. 

Overall: 9.8/10

Any Other Comments: You fucking did fantastic
[Image: Cross-from-Trinity-Blood-trinity-blood-7...81-400.jpg]
Character: Jack Queen

Which Event: "Cocoon"(I forgot the name due to being suddenly invited and such but i believe this was it yeah)

Responsiveness: There was a bit of a delay here and there but that was also primarily due to some of us doing things on the side or being busy but other than that it was fine given the thought they put in to them as well as including everyone in some way or form based on our emotes. I'd say a good 9/10 for me.

Balance: The balance was honestly completely fair all things considered, making it so even the weakest link of the group a.k.a. me could fight without getting completely dumpstered. The strengths of those participating were taken into consideration and in such it wasn't too easy nor too difficult at least from my view. Sweating was infact there, just a smidge. 10/10

Storytelling: There was this feeling of a good adventure overall being given here, going to an unknown place at least to me. My interest was kept with each and every narration, each action taken into consideration and weaved into the following one. The danger was there, a few good character moments slid in and there was genuine struggle felt when trying to keep up with your superiors. 9/10

Fairness: All things considered? Quite fair; everyone managed to get something of interest out of this, even me who had just so happened to come along last minute. 10/10 tbh.

Overall: 9.7/10. I had a great time for my first event here. Would have DM again.

Any other comments: Keep em coming.
[Image: unknown.png?width=428&height=415][Image: unknown.png]
Character: Barruk

Which Event: Grodolon Breach! - Osrona

Responsiveness(9): If i remember well the event had some delay, probaly unforeseen that happens, we cant avoid.

Balance(9): That first part was kind odd, now because the monsters were tankier but because it seemed they would not stop showing upp, probaly was on purpose to add more flavor on the event but being honest? keep addid more tankier things with spore buffed the way it is? felt like, odd, but since was a COI, probaly was okay doing such trick.

Storytelling(9?): The story was kind of a sudden attack, i did not saw the investigations part that would take on the after event, so im not with the whole story to judge? but for a public event i think he did a pretty good job so far.

Fairness(10): Everyone got arcanium, no more words needed.

Overall(9):  Was a fun public event, From a nice dm, only thing i would change is nothing.
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