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Quote:Put money in thy purse; follow thou the wars; defeat thy favour with an usurped beard; I say, put money in thy purse.
IAGO - Othello, 1.3.698-700
The Kalogera family was ennobled relatively recently, in 1321. The man responsible for the family's ennoblement - Cesare Kalogera - was a member of the Order of the First Light who distinguished himself by saving the life of the Queen consort from an assassination attempt. Cesare quickly squandered his newfound wealth and title through heavy gambling, drinking, and soliciting the services of some less than reputable women. He died, almost penniless and without an heir, in 1343; this would be the end of the family were it not for Cesare's brother, a stable if somewhat dull merchant, who inherited the title.

The family passed into obscurity until the title passed into the hands of Giorgios Kalogera, a shrewd investor, businessman, and industrialist who managed to amass an impressive fortune shortly after coming of age. He worked men to death in the handful of silver mines he owned, and conditions in the Hessalian mills he had inherited from his father were notorious before they were burnt down by Rhoynish raiders. 

In the realm of politics, Giorgios' tenure as a member of Parliament was colored by rumors of taking bribes; it was an open secret that he sold his vote to the highest bidder. Suspicions abound were high on how he managed to create such wealth in such little time, even after the mills were burned down; he was, until the very end, subject to unflattering rumors, with whispers of criminal associates and he was a known frequenter of the Fraternity of Osrona; he married the sister of Lord D'Arnette and, to this day, the two house's dealings are intertwined.

He met his end under suspicious circumstances; many associates (for he had no friends) believed that he had been poisoned, though none can say who did it. The title passed to his firstborn son, older than his twin brother by three minutes, Basil cos Kalogera.
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