MordereBan Appeal: The Choppening
Key: Kalvin9899

The admin that banned you: Chance?

Ban Duration: Three days

Date of Ban: 12/24

Reason Supplied: Unaware AFK Tree chopping was illegal.

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned: So I've kind of just been doing this for a while in random spots on the map. Trees respawned in one spot unlike Spires so my ingenius brain thought "Lets farm this whenever I sleep" and I just kind of did that for days in public spots. No rule for it, no hearing of any other bans for it, and it was a thing not possible in Spires.

I'll admit I probably could've thought about it more and realized this was a sleezy way to get coin, but when you only do it when you're tired you don't have the brain power to think that hard.

Finally: Blood is already bad enough pls. Not salt in the wound with a 3 day ban, I won't survive.
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