Character: Vasilli pyr Docro
Which Event: Osrona Bank Heist 1915
Responsiveness: RatQueen was very on point with their responses. They paid a lot of close attention to the detail in everyone's posts, which made it more immersive all and all because of that.  We were never left waiting more than a couple of minutes, and each narrate they made was substantial in both length and quality.
Balance: I feel like the balance was very well tuned. The fights were challenging and kept you moving, some of their attacks were repetitive in a way that made you strategize each and every move you made. It was very overall engaging and fun. I also enjoyed the fact that this event wasn't entirely EC fight ridden. There were puzzles, freedom of choice - cool time aspects. I enjoyed and will perhaps be using some of these methods in even some of my own future events I run!
Storytelling: The story was straight forward, as we went in with a clear intent of stealing all of Osrona's cash. However there were surprises and moments that made me sweat that made the event that much more enjoyable. Like that bitch, Estelle. Fuck that lady, she was frightening. It really made me feel like I was a vigilante trying to stealthily not die in my enemies territory.
Fairness: Very fair for the risk/reward. I rolled shit the entire time, but still made out pretty well from the one /random 20 I had, which seemed pretty awesome to me. The lock box aspect was cool as well, and the dev item i received is super cute! Chances injury chart, PHEW.  We got so very lucky.
Overall: 10/10 - would attend another event ran by RatQueen! If you're looking for immersion and thought out rewards, this DM is for you!
Any other comments:
Was that lady I killed really a witch or nah
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