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I am here to peddle my wares. Updated prices are here. Commissions are open, availability of 5 slots per week. Currently 3/5. Someone reached out to me regarding a commission and referenced old prices. Only contact me regarding commissions on Discord @ ry0un0suke#6117 as I do not play the game but have contributed art to the RP community since 2017.
Offering: Rendered busts | Doodle Oodles | Icons | Half-body colored sketches
If I like your full body rendered idea I may take it but unlikely as it takes me around eight hours to complete. Consider them not on the table for now.
Rendered Bust: $60
[Image: Titania_Bust_Rendered-1.png]
[Image: pontifex_commission_82122.png]
Doodle Oodle: $30 one character | $45 two characters

[Image: vyndakator_commission_61421.png] [Image: quack_commission_111321.png]
Icons: $30
[Image: idelle_icon_81222.png] [Image: mania_icon_81222.png]

[Image: swishy_commission_8822.png]
[Image: ren_commission_8522.png]

Half Body Sketches: $25

[Image: avelyn_commission_8422.png] [Image: winrar_commission_81222.png] [Image: idelle_sketch_commission_example_8422.png] [Image: mania_sketch_com_example_8322.png]
[Image: guintitus-1.png][Image: rykermatryona.png]
Hello babs. I will be around until the end of September offering commissions in a manner like this. I appreciate the interest I've gotten! Here are some things I've been working on. My offerings are the same but, I can only feasibly get out one rendered full body every week or two so, if that interests you, be sure to reach out to me next week! As of this week, however, I'm all full at 5/5! More information can be found in the previous post with a link to my updated prices and offerings. I will also share some sketches and things I've been working on in school the past few semesters. But! Thank you again to anyone who's shown interest in my artwork from the bottom of my heart, genuinely! I have a comic that I did revolving around a story that stemmed from this game that is very, very, very dear to my heart. Maybe before I leave, I can share it with anyone who may recall it. No matter, here are some commissions. Again, feel free to reach out to me if you're interested or just want to chat while I'm here!
Commissions! Thank you!
[Image: pockets_commission_82822.png]  
 [Image: nerdlord_commission_91022_SquareBG.png]  [Image: residentcody_commission_82322.png] [Image: avee_commission_82422.png]   [Image: pinhead_comission_82822.png]
School related stuff from 2021-early 2022 + sketches.
[Image: Twisted_BlightLinkBlightZelda_Final.png] [Image: Leo_Perci2_Finished113021.png]
[Image: Project_1_Finished.png]
[Image: guin_doodle_91122.png]
[Image: guintitus-1.png][Image: rykermatryona.png]
Hello, babs. My commissions are open as of 11/16. Five slots per week. I can accept some requests made early but prefer you make them then. You have the money, I have the art. My prices will be increasing in January. I am around to peddle my wares. Thank you to those who have shown interest and support.
[Image: del_82622.png]
- - -
Experimental Style
I am practicing this style.
Whatever you commission is simply placing your trust in me.
This is all drawn on one layer, hence the practice.
It will be more finished than the shown example.
[Image: lagtrain_and_mania_11622_V2_colors.png]
Rendered Full Body
(Limit 1) 
[Image: residentcody_commission_82322.png]
Rendered Bust
  [Image: pasta_commission_91821.png]
Doodle-oodles, a favorite

$30 for 1
$45 for 2
 [Image: pockets_commission_82822.png]

 [Image: idelle_icon_81222.png]
Full Illustrations
(Not available unless your idea is cool)
[Image: pontifex_commission_91122.png]
[Image: guintitus-1.png][Image: rykermatryona.png]
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