SachikoStar so bright.
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"You are my entire world.
You're not from here,
And how did you manage
You're not from here,
Nonetheless, it made me love
What's with the skies
What causes the stars to shine?
So bright
Is it something to do with your love?
I'm here on Earth,
But when I'm with you, I feel like I'm in heaven. 
Your gravity is so strong that it keeps me here.
Such is your essence
Of your stellar love Lyzel."
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"Please, Kraus, walk with us through the good and difficult times.
May we be heard and understood, from Osrona to the far reaches of the earth.
May you judge us by our hearts, not our blunders, and see that we achieve our goal, no matter how long it takes.
May you fill the emptiness in our souls and put our fears to rest.
Because we can't live for the stars if we're still in the flesh.
So, I pray that you will allow our spirits to be born, grow strong, progress forward, and realize what is right and wrong.
First Kraus, chapter one, verse 13.
It is believed that the longer a soul remains on Eternia, the more corrupted it gets by the impact of sin,
which is why life and death occur naturally.
We all know what that means but pay attention.
We know how far away we need to be from the fire to keep it from spreading.
That doesn't mean we won't listen.
You, Lord, look after all of us.
You educate women to appreciate their men and men to respect their women.
However, so many of us have recently gone astray.
We've been doing wrong for so long that we've forgotten how to do it right.
Please return us home and inculcate in us the word that is our backbone.
We're just kids pretending to be adults.
There's so much we're entitled to, but we get so little because, in this time of spiritual battle, we're content to be in the middle.
So, I beg you to open our eyes.
Give us the anointing to see the evil that hides and the lies that it tells.
If we maintain our acts wise and our prayers honest, with our heads held high, you will vanquish our fears. 
We have prayed in Kraus' powerful name,
and we say Amen before the powers of Lyzel."
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