State of Esshar
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1881 AC - The Convergence

Quote:☥ - With the passing of Samina Dayndros after her honorable defeat in battle, Kaine Dayndros has been reinstated as the High Lord. The Civil War has been averted, Rhyonish are no longer divided, and the four names banished have been called back.

☥ - In honor of her efforts and accomplishments, the Jarl has pardoned monster kin and granted them the opportunity to be a part of Galamean society provided they are not Dullahan, Nethradin or renounce their worship of Nyx and other Lords of Hel.

☥ - Reconstruction of the city is completed, to accommodate both the Rhyonish and the people of Vanir after their merger. Out with the old and incomes the new, which includes but not limited to an aqueduct that runs through the city, as well as the successful construction of the docks.

☥ - Fort Erradir has been successfully moved to Galamea as the old building has been refurbished to meet standards.

☥ - The Blood Diamond has been obtained kind courtesy of the combined efforts of the Jarl Ragnar, the Gottspeaker Ragnhild amongst a few others. The Blood Forge is one step closer to completion as a result of this.

☥ - Rumors of a tournament meant for the youth, to be held in Njorun and Kark’s name spreads across the desert. The famed Festival of Natasa will be hosted within the tournament.

☥ - With the departure of Katrana Hauklos, room for the next Lorespeaker of the Clan has opened.

Osrona: Neutral
Daggermark: Neutral
Ebonblooded: Neutral
The Family: Neutral
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1881 AC

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In the wake of a decade marked by conflict with former allies, Osrona has a moment to breath. The vicious offensive of the Ebonblooded is pushed back in its most recent advance by the brave soldiers of the Order of the First Light following a pair of losses, though the city feels keenly the scars of their attack; over a thousand dead, and the city's western boroughs significantly damaged.

Queen Eisele rei Petrakis has departed the city to attend a trade summit in the city of Reimara in Agartha, followed by a royal tour of the cities that have returned to the Kingdom, her return expected in 1883 AC. In her absence, Prince Aris rin Petrakis has been named Crown Regent of Osrona, invested with all powers of Royalty save changing the rules of the succession.

The city has begun to rebuild the damage of the recent attack, though it will likely be the work of years to fully recover from the assault.

Following the actions of Prince Aris rin Petrakis and his companions, the city of Mora has returned to the Kingdom of Esshar. The city of Dintium has also rejoined, following the Prince's arranged marriage with Lady Myra cos Salis.

The Knights Noah and Amaranth ven Astor have been named Radiant, with the Order of the First Light seeming  likely for something of a reform in the near future in the absence of a permanent Lightbringer following Ser Adrian ven Grimmore's retirement. Those interested in joining should seek out a Knight to squire under.

☉  Stellus Claramonde akh Gardios is seeking worthy heirs to the positions of Seer and Chosen of Eos, the Blind Goddess. Those interested should speak to her at their earliest convenience.

Following the push by Queen Eisele rei Petrakis, the imminent reopening of the Starfall Academy will occur in the next year.
Ebonblooded - AT WAR
Galamea - Neutral
Daggermark - Hostile
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1884 A.C.

'Time to clean up around here, I think.'

? Despite not being in the headlines within recent years, the Docro estate has once more began to buzz with activity. Newly hired retainers and employees seen around the sprawling manse. 

? Remarkably, the youngest of the family has made a bold proclamation that any who disparage the Docro name or Don Remilia herself are no longer welcome behind its walls. 'Trash' will be treated as such and be promptly taken out.

? The young mistress, Artemisia pyr Docro, is reportedly looking for reagents and ore alike for an undisclosed purpose. Those looking to sell or conduct business are urged to reach out to her posthaste. Either to be found on Academy grounds or the manor itself, or available via written correspondence.

? It is rumored that the young Docro is looking to remove the presence of both monster and vampire alike.

? A grand party is reportedly in the works, being planned and organized by the newest generation. An occasion like no other, without the rules of the Academy hampering any such indulgence that the Docro are known for.

? Potential employees are recommended to forward their resume to either the Don or Artemisia herself for review.

? There are rooms available for rent, but do so at your own discretion and peril.

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The tide of change had reached Daggermark first, no longer serving as mere shelter for marauders and highwaymen, but all those willing to see their most extravagant dreams fulfilled.
Outcasts, those unwanted by society, those whose ambitions are best pursued in secrecy are welcomed with open arms.
As long as they acknowledge what's hers.

Daggermark's usurpers emerge victorious from their second push to claim the city for their own, their former leader, Havoc, left dead in their wake.

Nasarin Viento claims its throne as Avaritia's Queen.

Chadwick Dogslayer was granted the title of the Queen's Consort.

Additionally, Marissa has been appointed to serve as the Queen's Right Hand and Advisor.

Artificers from each and every corner of Esshar are invited, hushed rumors of Asphodel's forge going back into operation spreading across the lands.

Especially welcome are those versed in Essence Manipulation.

The Queen kindly invites those capable of spatial magics to seek her out; a planned project requiring their expertise.

Laws and regulations are soon to be instated, for perhaps the first time in the history of Avaritia's grounds.

The Queen proclaims that the city's name was Avaritia all along.


Moxtli: Nice!

Osrona: ???

Galamea: You're okay

Francesca's: Profitable

Ebonblooded: ?????

Elysia: [Image: help-me.png]
[Image: gJPKHOg.png]

At long last do the drums of war and the din of violence begin to wane in the east. A climactic clash saw the City of Ambition put under siege and saw its Queen slain on the battlefield, then an assassination attempt against Chadwick Dogslayer by Sebas left him grievously wounded and drove him into hiding. With control of the city renounced, it is now under Elysia's domain. With this, the time has come for the government of Elysia to begin fleshing itself out. It's not long before a statement is released.

We've entered an age of proactivity.

No longer will the threats that gather forces across Esshar remain unchecked until it's too late, until they destroy landmarks and march upon walls, until they kill our people and pillage our lands.

Several threats muster strength this very moment and Osrona is too slothful to reach out to strike them down, just as they were when those of Avaritia's leadership gathered forces and claimed lands. Rhoynur masquerading as Osronans harbor and protect the Vampire of Galamea, Blair Dayndros, and ally openly with void users and the occult. Yet for some reason it's we who are the traitors, we who seek to vanquish the threats of Esshar and usher it into a golden age, not those who side by void users and vampires.

Sloth isn't the only sin that runs rampant throughout Osrona. Envy does, as well.

The particle of 'orn' is no longer given to genuine traitors of the nation, but to those whose drive and ambition make the Shimmering City's tepid and unmotivated leadership look bad. With this in mind, as I take on the hard earned title of Queen of Elysia, 'orn' is to be established as the particle of royalty for our new empire. It's a badge of honor, a mark that one's ambitions have earned themselves the fading Kingdom of Osrona's ire.

The Shimmering City will be ignored henceforth while we fix Esshar from beyond its walls.

First and foremost is the resurging vampiric presence. Bites are becoming more and more common, especially amongst our teenaged populace as they prey on our youth. They've been sighted roaming in packs again, hunting in the dead of night. I present these roving vampires with an ultimatum:

Leave or die.

You have until the end of the year to find your way off this continent. Your era of darkness has passed, the embers of your return will be snuffed out before you can set fire to these lands again. If I see you, I will personally kill you.

This extends to the Vampire of Galamea hiding within the desert city's fortress. If those of Galamea are found to be harboring him after the turn of the year, we will come to the city to deal with it ourselves. A Galamean Prince once told me he'd deal with it himself when he had the strength to, when he was older; now's his chance to stick to his word or become another piece of evidence showcasing the Rhoynur's deceptive nature.

And lastly, for those with drive and ambition, those who want to see these threats destroyed themselves, those who crave battle in the name of the greater good and are fed up with inaction and listlessness? Elysia awaits you. I have something special in store for those who prove their worth and ambition.

Your Queen,
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☼ Avaritia is no more, the lands of the city are now a part of Elysia. Magi residing within the city have until the turn of the year to move out or register as Elysian citizens. The Elysian ban on void magics now extends to the city, and any void users found within its limits will be judiciously executed.

☼ Following the acquisition, Erika orn Soleis takes on the title of Queen of Elysia. 'Orn' has been appropriated as the royal particle of Elysia, it declared as a branding Osrona now gives to those whose drive and ambitions feel threatening to an inactive government.

☼ The Curia Regis is formed, an advisory court to act as secondary leadership over Elysia. Named council members are Ezekiel, Sebas, and Alanis Grimmore.

☼ Plans are announced to disassemble the city in the near future, using its materials (as well as an additional surplus of money) to build a new one around the fortress; an Elysian phoenix rising from the ashes of Asphodel.

☼ Following the mounting number of vampire bites as of late, as well as recent sightings of vampires roaming in packs, Queen Erika orn Soleis announces her intentions to personally deal with the resurging vampiric threat. Their time here is long over, they're to leave Esshar immediately. Those who refuse are kill on sight should they cross paths with the Queen.

☼ Word circulates that Elysia is interested in recruiting heavy hitters who align with their politics. It's said that a unique form of strength will be granted to those truly exemplary individuals who align themselves with the burgeoning nation.

Osrona - Defensive
Galamea - Hostile
Ebonblooded - Hostile
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1891 A.C.
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Dreadwoods was in the state of statis after the destruction of Twilight Coven, and new one entering the scene. The new coven quickly halted all and any proactivity, until very recently. A new Witch awakened the forest, calling upon it's dark, mind-twisting energies. New members came flooding in, it was a new age for the practioners of Dark Arts, as now they could find an abode that would welcome them, no nobles and commonfolk difference, no strict laws, freedom to learn any kind of knowledge they are interested in, should they prove their worth and loyality to the coven in order to be trusted with such knowledge. Although still gathering members, aspiring Scholars from all over the country were being invited.

Quote:Prospect is upon us, Scholars. For decades the knowledge that we sought after was censored and shunned by the control of Orsonan kingdom. Who seemingly wishes to enforce their rule all across Esshar. Incapable of understanding that true scholar won't stop in the search of answers to the secrets that this world holds. As they are not afraid to go into darkness, where Orsonan's light cannot shine. It is about time we stop living in fear and get ourselves together. With collaboration in our hands, we will be capable of achieving progress that otherwise would not be possible alone, fragmented from others.

The age of living in the darkness, in hiding because of our curiosity and passion to learn? Is now Nevermore.

⟐ A scholar who holds passion for knowledge... Cynthia Vanreth, assumes the leadership position of Overseer in the Coven, the rights to lead the Coven passed by her mother. Talia Vanreth.

⟐ As the name of the Rank suggests, rather than holding the Iron Fist over the Coven, the Overseer simply watches over their Scholars and Witches, and only acts when they are truly needed. The hierarchy relies heavily on apprentice/elder relationship than strict ranking. A council is also formed. Which includes the most trusted members of the Coven, Elder Witches. And Nethradins in order to discuss questions vital to the workings of the Coven and Dreadwoods in general.

⟐ The Coven invites both practioners of dark arts, aspiring witches. And less dark-focused, simple and curious minds, Scholars, to join in the abode, in time. They would be granted access to rare, and sometimes... Forbidden knowledge. Should they prove to be of used in the coven. although the witches are far more trusted with knowledge than Scholars are.

⟐ Although the current library is far from perfect, the Overseer is collecting enough wealth in order to expand the library into underground. Looking forward to add valuable knowledge that otherwise would be burned or banned in Orsona. Anybody who can offer either the literature or wealth to the cause will be throughly rewarded with trust and more access to the library.

⟐ Due to housing several potent Scholars, Artificers, Medics, and Alchemists. The Coven accepts anybody who has unique, rare materials to look at. The Overseer themselves has several artificing projects under their belt. And would be willing to help in the matter. Either for free depending on the cirumstances, or for a fee.

⟐ The death of the Overseer's Right Hand, Hell Saint. Has been reported, in response. A festival of passing will be announced soon, an alternative of funeral rite, a ritual for the Dark Spirits. Handcrafted by the Vanreth herself in order to honor the name of the true Saint that helped her ever since her teenage years.

⟐ Despite influx of the members, the Coven still attempts to stay off the radars. Clearly planning, scheming. There are too little rumors around that would give an idea of what they are planning for the future.


Orsona - Hostile
Galamea - Neutral
Elysia -
Ebonblooded - Hostile
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"Many sacrifices were made, but their deaths were not in vain."
Quote:A legion of drakanites and dragons made their way into the dreadwoods, following none other than Naysien into the heart of the Nightmother's domain. Dozens were slain, and among the fallen were Foster Naysien, Dragoon and Herald of Sloth. Ysorra, Dragoon and Herald of Envy. Noel Serpente, Dragoon and Forgemaster. Stella Vanreth, mother to many. Fjord, a fine warrior of dragonkind.

Despite their deaths, the die as martyrs and children of Naysien, and they will not be forgotten.

Despite the many losses sustained, Nyx, the Nightmother, has fallen.
"There is but one goddess of darkness, and that is the dreadmother, daughter of Garjling."
Quote:Nyx was sacrificed unto Naysien. Appeased with the efforts of her sect, and of her Herald, Lianne Naysien was given the ultimate reward. She has been reborn as the Dragon of Frost, Lianne, Daughter of Naysien. With her ascension, the dragon is now a guardian of both the Coat and the Ebon Dragon. Henceforth solidifying that this domain is no longer the Coat of Garjling, but the Coat of Naysien.
"Many changes are coming."
Quote:Frost descends the mountain as the hatchlings are ordered to prepare for battle. With rumors of vampire kin and worshippers of Nyx running amuck, the dragon gives unto her people her final order as Naysien's herald.
"Slaughter them all. What Naysien does not take as sacrifice, I shall devour myself."
Quote:With the death of the forgemaster and many dragoons, the dragon of Frost now keeps a watchful eye among the children of the Ebon goddess. The trials of the forgemaster will commence soon, and one Veero has been chosen to take Mavrum Serpente's place as dragoon, hand chosen by the Dragoon himself. Kentas as earned the right of Dragoon after his efforts against Nyx and her army, claiming none other that Foster's dragon as his companion. Athelaide Naysien, death magi, is now the Denfather. In charge of making more youth for the Coat, and laying waste to the enemies of Dragonkind, until a new Herald is chosen.

All who assisted in the death of Nyx have now earned the title and ranking of Black Priest.
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Orsona - Hostile
Elysia -
Dreadwoods - Hostile
Witches - Hostile
Galamea - Neutral
Moxtli - Friendly
The family - Friendly
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On a particularly busy evening, the newly coopted city sprouted to life under new leadership. Troops arrived from the mainland, unloading men and equipment from the ports. Meanwhile, Kateryna pyr Docro took to the steps of the New Tannen's Governor's manor, arms wide in greeting.

"Greetings troops of Barsburg and residents of New Tannen! I welcome you to a new era of history!"

Her expression was particularly manic as of late, since the deathless take over of the empty city. Especially since her visit to Barsburg, having returned a renowned figure, much the same as her forefather, with almost none of the required effort.

"Today we mark not only the true start of New Tannen, but the reemergence of mankind's interests in this region. We will not falter in face of threats, nor in face of death. Your time here will be tiring and brutal, there will be no rest or time to recover from travel, my dear soldiers. Today, instead of simmering in the heat and speaking of great deeds of the future, we prepare for war! We stare down our adversaries from the west and our long time rivals of Osrona to our north with smiles upon our faces. We wield no doubt, no fear, and no dread! When your boots grace the soils of this land do so with passion and purpose, knowing you carry the will of our great Empire at your back. Each step a furthering of our goals."

"Know your role. Know your purpose. Know you will not be of no use. Every life and every limb lost will serve a purpose. Through success and through failure we will stayed rallied. We will stay potent and superior as a collective. I dare Osrona to march on our walls, for after they fall in the mud of their defeat, we will come for theirs, and we will not fail."

A hand falls idly to her hilt, taking a heroic pose, a confident smirk place upon her countenance.

"We will, like all of our ancestors before us, fight for our countries forever war, without hesitation, without remorse, we will bring victory to our cause or we will die trying."

The rapier is drawn and held towards the sky.

"Glory to the Empire!"

  • Elysia has been occupied by Barsburgian loyalists, led by Kateryna pyr Docro. After a trip to Barsburg it has been gifted to the Empire and is now under official imperial control.

  • Defenses are being prepared for the supposed threats of Osrona and Galamea, a counter offensive in planning already, the newly deployed troops without fear of conflict.

  • Kateryna pyr Docro has been named Don of the Docro Family, General of the New Tannen brigade, and Governor of the city.

  • The Docro nobility has been clarified as valid by the mainland, especially in review to the newly gifted city. As such any previous claims are officially refuted, with the exception of Alexei, who is considered an outlaw at large.

  • Mikhail pyr Docro has been named the Commander of the New Tannen forces and made an ICA officer.

  • Any remaining Achyonite/Barsburgian deserters are requested to merge and submit to imperial mandates, or will be considered enemies of the state.

  • Artyom pyr Docro has not started manufacturing of drugs for the Family once more, absolutely not creating an organization for this endeavor which would never operate out of the manor.

  • Ebonblooded, Moxtli, and other friendly or neutral factions are welcomed and encouraged to visit the city, for both business and politics.

Orsona - Forever War
Ebonblooded - Understanding
Coven - Watchful/Unsupportive

Galamea - Defensive
Moxtli Friendly(?)

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Just wiped out Tomato Town
[Image: Moxtli.png]
1895 AC.

A local lapine has finally erupted from her slumber, looking to take part in most of Moxtli's leadership. With threats like the small amount of Elysians now out of the way, things can be put back on track without much hinderance. Such as...

As due, Ariel D. Cirque has appointed herself as the temporary Voice of Moxtli until official proclamations have been made.

Word of a new ranking system is in the works such as, a Council consisting of the chosen Elders of the settlement.

A lot of new ideas are being made with the addition of laws and regulations to be instated. More will be discussed through meetings or public announcements. If anyone wishes to relay their own prior to these, speak with the Voice.

Being a neutral settlement, no threats have been aimed towards the new generation of Ebonblooded or New Tannen. Bad blood of the past with Osrona has been simply diminished with the new reign. Even if she still hates their guts..

Osrona - Neutral
Ebonblooded - Friendly
Galamea - Allies
New Tannen - Friendly
Coven - Neutral
A City in Immaculate Shambles
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[Image: osronaSoEtitle.png]
"The world is quiet, but Osrona needn't be. There will be a number of changes in the coming days.
The Shimmering City will revitalize, or perish in its own ineptitude."
~ Claudia vey Pelleaux
With the elimination of the Elysian terrorists and a resurgence in the north, dynamics change and so too does the attitudes of Osronan leadership. A policy occupied within internalized treachery and the maintenance of morality once more looks beyond its walls to enemies without. With Isenhardt's withdrawal from the public eye, his wife Claudia vey Pelleaux returns to the civic sphere in aim of rallying the city in this new direction.
... It's said as well that all reference to the Elysian Counter-Insurgency is being suppressed by the Queen and her functionaries. Literature and writing on its existence are quickly confiscated, and small bonfires seem to burn around the clock in the Castle courtyards.

   ✸ The first organization to undergo this so-called plan of revitalization is the Order of the First Light, new Radiants Locthwain and Ulysses ven Pelleaux have been selected to serve.
   ✸ A new authority in the Order arises as the Radiant Captain, an intermediary rank which serves to delegate between the Lightbringer and the subsequent Radiants.
   ✸ Per the wishes of former Stellus Claramonde akh Gardios, the crown has opted to select her successor, in which Luna akh Pelleaux will serve.
   ✸ With the passing of Church figures Myrine and Jeanne Gardios, a public service will be held in the coming days to commemorate their lives spent in the name of the stars.
   ✸ The emergence of the nascent settlement New Tannen comes under the attentions of the palace... formal license granted to the Grimmore and their levies to march alongside Galamea.
   ✸ Rumors from within the Crown's inner circle hint that action is being considered in rise of the new Ebonblooded threat, yet no decisive ultimatums are issued.
   ✸ So too does word circulate from the Queen's war-room about dubious attitudes held towards the Waystone and its more than eccentric owner.
Diplomatic Attitudes,
Ebonblooded - Cold War
Galamea - Amicable
Moxtli - Unknown
New Tannen - Open War
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