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This is the thread in which the happenings of the wider world outside of Esshar - or things that apply to Esshar as a whole - are posted. You should not post here if you are not an admin, unless you are a volunteer DM and have been granted permission.

The information provided here will be a mixture of fluff, implicit and explicit event hooks.

What is the difference between an implicit and explicit hook?
An implicit event hook is a mention of something designed to spur interest for player-requested events. I.e., in a Barsburg post it may mention a train is passing through Essharan railways carrying goods, encouraging someone to request an event to, for instance, rob it.

An explicit event hook is an event that is being offered by the admin team or the volunteer DM team. Usually, a link in the post will go to a Public Event that a group may offer to pick up.
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1875 AC
ᱧ - With her victory over High Lord Velier Yalar in a challenge for leadership, Clanlady Ira Shar has become the new High Lady of the Tribelands of Rhoynur. The battle was said by spectators to be incredibly close, with both combatants coming close to victory several times before Clanlady Ira Shar managed to stab the previous High Lord through the heart. This marks the first time a Shar has ruled the Tribelands since the Conquest of Rhoynur nearly two hundred and thirty years ago deposed High Lord Lucian Shar.

ᱧ - The city of Rhoynur has finished the reconstruction of its wall following the earthquake of 1870. Clan Llandir has been extended the city’s thanks, as their runework was indispensable in both speeding up the process and ensuring the walls are magically reinforced so as to prevent a repeat of the occurence.

ᱧ - Following the decennial Festival of Asena held by Clan Arsali in 1873, the nature spirits were said to be pleased by the celebration. The Tribelands have seen significant increases in natural flora and fauna, ensuring that food is plentiful. This has, however, also seen an increase in predators, including concerning rumours that the Forest of Basil, a famed hunting ground, has become home to a Basilisk, a great serpent native to the Shadowlands.

ᱧ - Following her victory, High Lady Ira Shar has issued a decree celebrating the establishment of Galamea in the land of Esshar, welcoming the Rhoynish of the settlement to engage in talks of trade, mirroring similar agreements with the settlement of Ilburg. Should the settlement be interested, the High Lady has offered a tentative date for such discussions in the Forest of Basil, so that between politics the warriors of both lands may engage in a Great Hunt, their target being the aforementioned rumoured Basilisk. Under revisions to Rhoynish clanlaw passed in 1865, this may also be considered a Rite of Passage for those who have yet to undergo their own.
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1877 AC

Following the assassination of Imperator Viola pyr Lyaia - successor herself of the famed Walter pyr Docro - in the early months of 1877, her successor has been announced as General Darian Arun. Having enjoyed a meteoric rise from mere officer in the Tannen Province to General in only ten years, Imperator Arun's seven year term as General has ended following his election. The Imperator spoke few words following his unanimous appointment by the Imperial Council, remarking only that he looked forward to protecting the Empire from all threats to it's success.

Following Imperator Arun's appointment, Mechanised Infantry Commander Mika Tarpova - known to have something of a rivalry with the newly appointed Imperator - announced in an open letter than if the Empire was going to elect unambitious fools, she was going to restore the Empire's honour. Reports suggest she defected from the Empire with three units of mechanised infantry and support en route to the Essharan region. She had been summarily branded a traitor to the Empire, subject to firing squad upon her capture.

Recent riots over food shortages in the Western Provinces have been put down by the Imperial Army. The death toll is said to number in the hundreds, but order has been restored.

The Coalescence Hub's human engineers have released several new advanced designs for Synthetics into the Artificing Journals. Naturally, specific clearance granted by registration as a Synthetic Technician is required to view these journals. Additionally, new infrastructure around the hub has begun construction, intended to add several new server banks to compensate for the Coalescence's growing repository of memory.

Among the recent wave of declassified documents, one has stood out. The Capital Branch of the Steely Post has reported with some amusement on a decommissioned Fleshcrafting project codenamed 'Project A.V.I.A.N', intended to clone a particularly malicious bird captured by Achyonite forces during the time the city was under Imperial control. Interestingly, the reason for decommissioning is not failure, but that the cloning was 'too successful'. Further information is redacted, but the Steely Post promises updates should it gain further information.
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