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Quote:"Wake up my little Prince. The stars have seen you safely back to the world of the waking. Did you sleep well?"

The eldest and currently only child of Arista rei Petrakis is now officially.......! Seven years old. Approximately one month from being playable. This post is going up early because the application for the child will be considered carefully, and with more than a little scrutiny, from both myself, and the admins!
In short, if you apply and are rejected, I promise it won't be personal, but there's a lot of IC at stake and a high standard being upheld on applications. With that said, onto the brief!

[Image: Queen_Journal.png]
Arista rei Petrakis, The Crownless Queen
Formerly Arista ven Pelleaux
Magic Affinities: Armed/Holy/Cosmic
Master of the Gentle Blade

-Your Mother has always been incredibly busy. In your first few years, before you were forming memories she announced her claim for the throne. You were raised in the Pelleaux household, and only saw her in the mornings and late evenings, where she made sure to spend what time she could with you.

-When you were five years old you were ushered out of the household, dressed in the finest clothes you had, to witness your Mother take the throne, and Eisele ras Petrakis be named Crown Princess. From then, you moved into the royal residence.

-Closer to your Mother, yet her work load had increased exponentially. Despite this, every morning, and every evening, she spends what time she can with you. Constantly exhausted, and never quite getting enough sleep, she always asks about your day, and monitors your growth.

-Your Mother is exceedingly gentle, kind, and patient with you. At times, you can see glimmers of worry in her eyes as she watches you.

-Whether you like it or not, from as young as you can remember, you've been told of the stars, and the teachings of Celestialism, either by your Mother, the Stellus, or occasionally another source. Your Mother is extremely devout, to the stars and Angels. You will be extremely familiar with the Faith and its tenets.

-You are not forced into any magic, but you've been nudged, in particular towards Holy Magic.

Your Father is a Complete Unknown. Arista has told you he was a non-magi who perished or vanished when Nidaz attacked the city.

-Your name and sex are yours to determine, but your title will be rin Petrakis. (Accompanying Lore post to come in the next few days, titled The Reforms of the Crownless Queen)

-You are not the Heir and might not ever sit on the throne. However, the possibility does exist. You should be willing to take the mantle of leadership.

-Blue Hair and features are optional. You have your Mother's blood but you haven't been raised through the Pelleaux rituals, and so the blessing may not have fully passed down.

-While you've never had a present father, you're familiar with a great many people close to Arista. Prominent names would be your Uncle Angelo and his children, Princess Eisele, (Aunt) Kali Agana, Ithiel akh Arthesio and Julian Alder.

-You will be playable in 1870 AC.

-This character absolutely cannot be an alt.

If interested, please apply here.
Child #1 has been chosen and approved to spawn in in 1869 instead of 1870.

There is one more child but they have a seven year age gap and a somewhat different brief, so that'll go up in a week or so.

Thank you to everyone who applied for the first one!
Right! Child number 2, like the first, is about a month out from being playable. You and your brother are Arista's only children.The brief below will appear very similar to what's above but I will reiterate even the redundant information for ease of summary.
Your Mother

[Image: a5d4392d77facc8608e7e3586beb42b5.png]
Arista rin Petrakis
Formerly Arista ven Pelleaux, and former Queen. (As of Friday the 17th)
Magic Affinities: Armed/Holy/Cosmic
Master of Gentle Blade
The Father
[Image: IMG_5299.JPG]
Julian Alder
Magic Affinities: Nature/Gravity
Master of Spring Bloom

-You never knew a time before the Monarchy. Your parents were married after Arista took the throne in a quiet, private ceremony.

-While your parents are obviously fond of each other, Julian is a captain in the Navy and as a general rule, is at sea. Your opinion on him is of course your own, but by and large Arista was the only parent present in your life.

-Arista abdicated the throne to Eisele ras Petrakis when you were seven years old. Before that she was far less present in your life due to the constant pressures of the throne. Afterwards she was around far more and was devoted to raising her children and monitoring their growth.

-You have an elder brother, Aris! He's seven years older and -technically- your half brother although there'd be no real discernible difference in how you were raised.

-Arista has always been kind, gentle and patient in raising you. Aggravation is of course something that did happen, but she would've rarely if ever raised her voice.

-You've been taught Celestialism since you were young, your Mother was a High Priestess before she was on the throne and is very devout.

-You can pursue any non-occult magic you wish, though you've been gently pushed towards Holy or Cosmic magics.

-Your name and sex are yours to determine, but your title will be rin Petrakis. (Read the first post in the IC thread Reforms of the Crownless Queen if you're curious about the title or the legacy of your Mother)

-You are not the Heir and might not ever sit on the throne, but it is possible you will be chosen as the Heir someday. You should be prepared to lead Osrona, even if it's not your initial ambition.

-Blue hair and eyes are optional. While you have your Mother's blood, you were not raised through the Pelleaux rituals and so that trait is not a necessity.

-You will be playable in 1876 AC

-This character cannot be an alt.

If interested, please apply here.
I'll be submitting my recommendation for the final child on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. If you're on the fence or intended to but forgot, this is your last opportunity!
Classic Dante, makes an ultimatum like it'll be your last chance and then the apps that came in either were withdrawn due to changing life circumstances or ended up making new characters!

In any case, the kid slot is open, immediately playable on approval through admins, the form is open once more.
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