GrompStomp55The Excommunication
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Throughout the notice boards of the Shimmering City, a new decree has been publicized by the Stellus of Celestialism. Exerting ultimate authority, Ithiel akh Arthesio has formally excommunicated the traitor known as Silvia ven Pelleaux. While the reasons of her defection are not clear to the public, she has indefinitely been banished from Osrona. A small speech is also imprinted unto the paper, addressing the people of the city.

Quote:I write this with a very heavy heart.

I believed in you Silvia. For years I defended you, I fought for you - I believed you capable of salvation.

When the world doubted you, I stood by your side. Your father had such high hopes for you - he told many time after time how much he loves you.

He told me how much he wanted you to one day bring glory to his name - the name of your forefathers. You've let down so many people.

You've let me down.

Let it be known that those who willingly assist the Vampires, and promote the capture of innocent Essharans to feed the insatiable bloodlust of our enemies, are going to be prosecuted to the full extent of Osronan law.

The Vampires draw power from blood, and those who assist them in their growth are nothing short of traitors.

They will be treated as such.

Ithiel akh Arthesio,
Stellus of Osrona

[Image: ithielsprite.png]

Underneath the speech, one can find the newfound consequences of Silvia's excommunication:

- Silvia relinquishes her noble title.
- Silvia surrenders claim to all Osronan property.
- Silvia is to be captured on sight and put under trial.
- Silvia is no longer to be considered an Osronan, nor is she welcome within its borders.
- Silvia is banished from the Second Dawn and Church.
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