MkatA White Mages Duty [Vault of Heroes]
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White magic, the magic that is close to the divine. A magic involving sacrifice. Sacrifice is Courage to give oneself in name of Love. But the question is? How does one become a more adept user of White magic? Melody has asked herself this question numerous times in her quest to understand this power better. She has empowered a champion of the people in its power, she has blessed and healed numerous injuries with her power. Yet understanding it truely has never reached her. It is one of the greatest mysteries of Eternia. Sacrfice, something she has done numerous times. Because she believes it is right and her body can take it. She does not wish others to suffer when she can shoulder this.

But it is not enough. She needs more understanding. While the vault itself has been hit hard and almost plundered, its magics are still alive. Offering protection to the Sacred dead. Maybe the spirits and intelligence that guards the Vault may know more? Maybe it can offer some sort of insight. Maybe if she reaches those who have used White magic in the past she can bring about their spirits and learn more

Attendees: Melody, the church, 2nd dawn. May go at this solo
Tone: Serious, Religious, Spiritual, repairing the damage to the tomb
Risk: COD

Rewards: White magic dev, something from the Vault

DM: Searching
Date: TBD

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