State of Esshar
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1836 AC

The return and ultimate departure of Ryker pyr Docro, long the Commander of Achyon, has led to a few shake ups in the city. In his wake, the Iron Council convened, releasing the results of their discussion shortly afterwards.

ᔸ Captain Marcel Delisle has been promoted to Commander. The Council reminds individuals that he should only be approached for life-and-death matters, and that in most circumstances a Corporal, Sergeant or Captain is sufficient to report to.

ᔸ The Iron Council has been reorganised, and now comprises officially of the Commander and representatives from the Fleshcrafters, the Family, the Synthetic citizenry, the Technomancers and one ‘Citizen’s Seat’ not limited by guild affiliation. The current council is thus as follows, in order: Marcel Delisle, Nidaz Vanreth, Alexei pyr Docro, Lucy, Titus pyr Aertas, and Dimitri Asimov, following a majority vote appointment to a seat. It is expected this reorganising shall oil the grinding wheels of bureaucracy in the Imperial City.

ᔸ In addition to the above reorganisation, a new position has been created. The position of Adjutant is to be the official representative of the Council in a non-military role, the civilian answer to the Commander. The first appointee in this position is the Synthetic Lucy, who encourages anyone who wishes to start an artificing project, seek non-military work placement, or request citizenship to come to her directly, among other things. She’s also welcoming suggestions!

ᔸ In preparation for the attack of Silverwall Mines, the loyal, disciplined soldiers of Achyon have been seen fortifying the resource hub, doing their best to make it a veritable fortress. When asked for comment, the Adjutant remarked ‘If they wish to take our mine, we’ll drown them in blood every step of the way’.

ᔸ Witchcraft and the other sources of selling one’s soul remain an act of treason after being made such in 1834 AC. Any citizens who were foolish enough to do so prior to the passage of the law are encouraged to approach the Adjutant for a discussion about the return of their citizenship. Any citizens who sold their souls after the passage of the law are encouraged to swiftly and safely end their lives, before Achyon’s Hand does it for them.
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1837 AC.
"This victory is minute in the grand scheme of things."

"I have seen it all."

"The light. The darkness. The insecurities and the turmoil good men and women face. The toiling, and the confusion that the state of our world can often leave many people with. I utterly despise it, so very much. So what I have learnt now more than ever, is that our country needs hope. Real hope. The kind of hope that built the lands we now walk on. Where people will chase dreams and freely experience our world for what it is."

"People have forgotten."

"Forgotten of mystical days, where legendary heroes would vanquish great beasts and evils. Where phoenixes would shower the Earth in golden feathers. Where angels and gods came down and walked among us. We've lost the kind of vision that once held this beauteous grandeur in which our world was founded upon, and instead we feast upon ourselves in a hopeless endeavor of trying to make a difference. Nothing has truly changed in all of this."

"So I will end this war."

"I will connect Esshar to Eternia."

"My city will be the bedrock in which beautiful dreams will become a possibility once more."

"A new sky will be opened."

✦  Following the Archmagi's brief statement after the battle for Silverwall, the mines have been fortified under the protection of Osrona. Imperials and the denizens of Shadowmire are banned. A toll of three-hundred coin was made the new standard, with officials of Moxtli only allowed to enter, free of charge.

Progress has been made towards the reconstruction of the Archmagi's council, with those of younger minds being paid the most heed in particular.

Several promotions were issued, the most notable of which being the ascension of Lando lux Metras and Alice Brasti to the title of Radiant.

Rumors have started skirting around regarding a project that may be in the works for the city.

Construction has began on a new housing district that lies just outside of the city walls.
[Image: Tz-PPzWb02yEvGSOXMgfPn5dJDSMjv5Ofa8ryJBM...XKpP3dvs0n]
[Image: c7kYDwWO5VRkVLubk0KzODIGievw6hRYaySXiYKi...zzJUF-PumX]

֎ There is recent bustling activity within the Coat, with many new acolytes joining the ranks of the Fireblooded. If you wish to devote yourself to the worship of Garljing, find a Warlord or Dragonlord and merely ask!

֎ There is a planned sermon to be announced soon, enabling many Acolytes to have their chance to prove their devotion to the Red God. Look out for the details coming.

֎ The current leaders of the Fireblooded are as follows:

Duniya Vartuul - Den-Mother
Violet Vartuul - Dragonlord
Caliban Valkrin - Warlord

֎ The Fireblooded maintain their current relations, both friendly and hostile with the remaining powers within Esshar:

Osrona - Allied
Moxtli - Allied
Achyon - Hostile
Vanirhallan - Hostile
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[Image: OUACoRo.png]

In the distant jungles of Esshar, a citadel rises: Asphodel.

A haven for those with darker inclinations: for witches, vampires, occultists, and anyone seeking freedom from a rigid and strict society to gather amongst those with similar ideals. It is not the kind of place for the faint of heart, and those with weaker wills should not stray too close unless they want to find themselves the subject of a hunt. Though not outwardly hostile to those seeking sanctuary, perhaps you might get a better reception if you have something of interest to provide.

Should you still wish to attempt to join the ranks, the Asphodel citadel is located at 851,460,1.

The current leadership of Asphodel consists of:
Viscount Thane
Viscountess Marjorie
Viscount Alois Loire
Viscount Naren

 The Reef went up in flames thanks to the forces of Asphodel, as they combatted the Deep Company and Shadowmire alike in their successful attempt to liberate the east. Asphodel claimed a decisive victory, freeing up the lands to the east to build their citadel upon.

 Following this, Asphodel lays claim to much of the jungles east of Esshar. Even the Dreadwoods have been brought into the fold, for those perhaps seeking an audience with the coven...

 The violent wedding of Blight Reave & Ariel Cirque is recognized, and Asphodel claims responsibility for the deaths of both newly weds. As for the rest of Shadowmire... Asphodel offers a warning: take the offer that Ariel Cirque rejected, and surrender. Swear allegiance, and Asphodel will welcome you.

 Finally, all of Esshar is cordially invited to a Housewarming Ball & Tournament being held within the walls of Asphodel's new citadel. Even those who consider themselves enemies will be granted amnesty for the night, should they be brave enough to show up and participate. However, there is sure to be no shortage of blood and revelry...

More information can be found here:

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1839 AC
The carnage of battle would color the sands of the Shadowed Savanna red,
the forces of the Fireblooded trying their hardest to break the lines of the Vanir.
To stop them from claiming the desert they had defended and bled upon for three decades,
since the first of the Vanir claimed the Outpost nearly three decades before.
Yet they would be met with the same results as the Shadowmire before them,
an unwavering and unrelenting resolve that proved to be too great to overcome.
For hours upon hours the cacophony of battle rang across the desert,
but the window of opportunity had passed for the forces of Garljing's Coat.
Their assault had failed and they were repelled,
forced to acknowledge that the Vanir had prevailed..
The ships beached upon the sands of their new home.

~ The Shadowed Savanna is now controlled by the forces of Aesirheim, the southwestern peninsula becoming even more fortified as the seat of the Vanirhallan presence.
~ With the successful capture of land upon Esshar, Expedition Leader Revna Rune will from now on be known as the Jarl of the Shadowed Savana
~  Rumors state that soon the Vanir will delve deeper into the caverns of the desert than any have before, in search of.. something.
~ Those willing to learn more of the Triumvirate and other peacefully intended meetings are welcome to visit the Outpost, and will be treated respectfully.
Current Relations with Aesirheim are as follows:
Osrona - Neutral
Moxtli - Neutral
Achyon - Friendly
Shadowmire - Enemy
Garljing's Coat - Enemy
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[Image: unknown.png]
- 1840. Winter. -

[Image: unknown.png]

Since the day of the failed siege, the body count that had taken place shortly thereafter, as well as Stellus Valleria ven Pelleaux's passing in a desperate attempt to bring a sibling back from departure, The Shimmering City of Magic falls into a brisk period of unrest.

The skies remain silent, unanswering to plea and desperate prayers from aneath, as if angels and stars alike had chosen to hold the children of Astya blind from their automated guidance.

"A man alone can't bear the weight of the world on his shoulders.
It was our late Archmagi's undoing to think otherwise, act unimpeded and by his lonesome in our name.

No king should dare call himself such without a roundtable to lay on.
Rhesus was a man, as human and flawed as you and I. As such, our city was only as strong as his flaws allowed."

Yet, in the onset of despair, before it had settled in? Where god lacks an answer to compensate, men move. They quell and find their own.

"I'll see to such being mended; for there's always the ideal, but more importantly there's reality to test against.
Make it so that our decisions find refinement in the brushing of differing views, the right way. The way it must be done."

"As for the advance from west?
They must've forgotten who they're dealing with."

[Image: unknown.png]

The Vault of Heroes, hidden within the city proper, is finally breached by a handful of their ilk's most devoted. Within, the bodies and belongings of Lord DeLaurentis, Sir Haarper Aertas have been laid to rest, and symbolic memorials for Howl Grace and Roland Hartz find their place there as well. The entrance sealed once more shortly thereafter, putting closure to grieving.

An intimate force is deployed to the overtaken city of Hessalia, now gone ripe with criminal activity and debauchery, where slave trading had become the norm. Their unhallowed harbinger is aptly terminated, and a relic of the Petrakis Dynasty retrieved and cleansed in the aftermath.

A series of promotions across the board, both prior and posterior to the failed siege are formalized, namely that of Alexander ven Astor to the charge of Radiant, Zhrani akh Gardios to the post of new Stellus, and Lando lux Metras as the newly appointed Lightbearer.

The Neo-Essharist Movement, a revolutionary party with the goal of abolishing the Archmagedom, headed by banker Asura Nomont, conformed of a private army, and with the mantra of putting non-magi on top is dutifully repressed, is prohibited in whole, whilst the individuals behind it are permanently exiled from the shimmering city under the unanimous decision of the new roundtable.

The alliance with the tribes of Moxtli, after a strict meeting and several discussions, is renegotiated and strengthened in lieu of en excess of threats. Under the premise of complete dissociation from the Mire, and in symbolic exchange for free passage to Silverwall mines to the tribal citizenry as a whole, the alliance between these two nations stands strong.

The new roundtable is conformed, now stronger than it had been for several decades. It is composed of a choir of diverse and even voices, with the intent of discussion to be sparked and stimulated by differences. As of now, it exists through the following: 

Two voices of the Second Dawn, Lightbearer Lando and Radiant Alexander.
Two voices of the Faith, Geztelle ven Pelleaux and Stellus Zhrani.
Two mediators native to Starfall Academy, Warden Seifer and - as per tradition - the Champion of Eos, Theomars Falwalker.
And lastly, Osrona's Lady of Coins, Esther ven Grimmore.

A total of seven members, though one decisive seat remains tentatively empty until voted or chosen, that of the table's head. The city prepares to dictate their new ruler.

 The Order's forces are deployed to contest the Hand's advance on Silverwall.
[Image: OUACoRo.png]

1843 A.C.

"We are our own gods."

❖ Following a break down in Osronan negotiations, the two nations have entered into an open state of hostility, the Queen decreeing that all Osronans are to be captured on sight. A hunt was successfully led, wherein two were captured, and remain captive within the castle.

❖ An alliance has officially been formed with those of Aesirheim, who have sworn to come to Asphodel's aid, and Asphodel shall do the same for Aeserheim.

❖ Ongoing talks of an alliance with Achyon has been seen within the Crimson Court, though no official word or agreement has been reached yet.  It remains clear that the Queen is attempting to form a coalition to oppose the long-standing one of Osrona, Moxtli, and the Fireblooded.

❖ The Crown Law of Asphodel has been dispatched within the kingdom, and those traveling to and living within are expected to follow it to the letter. 

❖ A Viscount of the court has made an invitation to those upon Esshar for information, in exchange for the potent blood of Cain. 

❖ The Queen has endorsed the open hunting of the monsters of Shadowmire, finding their ways displeasing and barbaric.

❖ Construction is ongoing around the castle, a town being erected in its own right. The date as to when this shall finish, however, is unclear as of the current moment.

❖ Word has spread regarding an incident within the Crimson Court, wherein Natasha lost her life after insulting the Queen, and Cedar Grace was spotted escaping, though his arrest had been ordered. He is to be considered an outlaw of Asphodel, to be captured on sight.

Aesirheim: Allied
Achyon: Friendly
Fireblooded: Neutral
Moxtli: Neutral
Shadowmire: Hostile
Osrona: Non-existant
[Image: Tz-PPzWb02yEvGSOXMgfPn5dJDSMjv5Ofa8ryJBM...XKpP3dvs0n]
[Image: c7kYDwWO5VRkVLubk0KzODIGievw6hRYaySXiYKi...zzJUF-PumX]

֎ Construction proceeds as planned within the Coat, with an expansion for living quarters and other amenities clearly being worked on.

֎ A group of Fireblooded are planning an expedition to a temple of Quetzalcoatl for reasons known only to themselves.

֎ The Vanirhallan’s attack on the Coat itself was closely defended off. In the aftermath of the skirmish, both sides of worship were able to clearly hear Garljing’s roar - uniting them for a moment. It was said that each side held a captive, with the Fireblooded showing no mercy and sacrificing the Vanirhallan in Garljing’s name.

֎ The Flame Herald, Doriya Hedor, who captured the Vanirhallan and sacrificed him turned in the bounty offered from the Den Mother to become a Dragonlord upon their successful sacrifice.

֎ Some have heard of a planned trial soon to be undertaken by both Dragonlords and the Den-Mother, to decide who is worthy to next wield Balmung. Details are scarce, though the initial talks were held amongst others.

֎ Many members of the Coat were present and witnessed a battle between Dragonlord Violet and the Flame Herald Toratori Hintze. However it swiftly came out into the open that the Flame Herald was attempting an assassination plot to bring the Vartuul’s head to Revna Rune to save his lover. He, alongside notable Void Cultist Danial Oshikawa, were both sacrificed in Garljing’s name.

֎ The current leaders of the Fireblooded are as follows:

Duniya Vartuul - Den-Mother
Violet Vartuul - Dragonlord
Doriya Hedor - Dragonlord
Raija - Council

֎ With the rise of Asphodel’s might with Vampires at its helm, the Fireblooded initially ignored their presence. However with the announced alliance between Aesirheim and the Crimson Court, that has swiftly changed.

֎ The Fireblooded maintain their current relations, both friendly and hostile with the remaining powers within Esshar, though one new power has entered the fray:

Osrona - Allied
Moxtli - Allied
Achyon - Hostile
Vanirhallan - Hostile
Asphodel - Hostile
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[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
-Spring of 1843 AC.-

[Image: unknown.png]

With the rise of a new Archmagi, and consolidation of a working newborn roundtable, Osrona convenes with its allies once more - a clear beck and call in mind. One that's bound to reforge the boundaries of the alliance in war fire and strife.

"[...] A sovereign who rules without a council, and to that end, I can guarantee your safety were you to come to Asphodel castle. If you would like to meet, it will be done in our throne room. You have my word, my protection, and you will leave safely afterward."

These are the words that were written to me not in blood but in ink by Queen Falkenrath when a request for a diplomatic meeting was made. I will not lie, I had no trouble reaching Asphodel and speaking to the woman herself. 
We could not agree on furthering research which would aid in the mending of the wounds her kin are known to inflict in order to both treat the unfortunate ones and lessen the threat vampires bring to Esshar. Our disagreement was of no issue. Nor was the generous "offer" she granted of drinking my blood to better study such injury upon my person.


It was the way her Viscount, Rajak, brutally escorted me out of Asphodel and made it a game to hunt me down despite my clear refusal for violence. It shows how little the Queen's word is worth; although it is worth wondering whether or not those smirks, looks, and yawns brought by the Don were not the reason Rajak struck me. His taunting made it quite clear he knew what would come before my departure.

It begs the question— Is it the Queen's word which cannot be trusted or have the Docro taken over Asphodel already?

- Warden Seifer K. Gardios

The council convenes to assign a new Archmagi, settling on Lando Metras via a unanimous vote to a full table.

Come the rescue of Thorn Meztin, the voice of Moxtli, at the hands of the Archmagi by virtue of negotiation with Commander Delisle and in exchange for his son, the vows of alliance with New Moxtli are wholly renewed. The Shimmering City sits at its tightest with the tribes, with the two of them growing in fair treatment in the face of a rising common enemy.

Supposed work on a Chiron-powered wonder that reimagines and continues the work of late Stellus St. Valeria ven Pelleaux reaches the ears of several sources across Esshar. Word is part of the bargain for returning Moxtli's voice in strict safety, along with the Sultan's Folly, is for their explicit and dedicated collaboration with its fulfillment, including resources and manpower to raise it alike.

With the eventual stepping down of Geztelle Pelleaux from the council, the roundtable reconvenes and agrees that a spiritmancing ambassador - in wake of need of representation and good faith with the tribes - Atagi Taiyang is appointed as the table's seventh head.

A series of Expeditions in pursuit of relics of the golden age is funded, the first of which aims northwards. The explicit relation with them, and the Chiron-powered chasm made public.

Archmagi Lando, in a quick backdraft to the free-reign hunting of Osronans and claimed callback to his roots as a hunter and poacher, is offering a sum of ten thousand coins for the capture of each Asphodelian Ghoul, whilst the offered sum for a matured Vampire -either alive or dead- is of fifteen thousand, along with an invitation to rightfully house whoever complies within the Shimmering City. Allegedly,... "For the purpose of furthering good sportsmanship."

Naturally, the forces of Osrona move to carve into the Cainite Citadel's fort with the intent of freeing those trapped within their dungeons...

[Image: unknown.png]
St. Michael the Archangel Overcoming Satan, José Antolínez (Estimate mid. XVII)

The Shimmering City's relations are as follow:

Fireblooded - Allied
Moxtli - Allied
Achyon - Hostile
Vanirhallan - Unknown
Asphodel - Pathetic

[Image: unknown.png]
"We will not negotiate with the wicked or undead. Our lives were rigged to be endangered from the start. I promise you to fight for them.

What's more - there's simply not enough room for another Crown in Esshar. They should know best."
[Image: moxtli.png]
1843 AC
The war is at a turning point. The leeches of Asphodel call themselves a Kingdom. And yet the Tribes shall triumph.

Quote:"Hey there Moxtli. We've been in a lull for far too long and I can't deny I've been a bit too passive. That changes now! Those bloodsuckers are rearing their ugly head and we might as well put 'em back in their graves. Osrona and our interests align, the stars shine and the spirits sing in our favor. Let's get this bread. Sound good?"
- Quote from Thorn Meztin, Voice of Moxtli from his house's rooftop no less.

» K'ruthix, the Spirit of Carnage, destroyed in the deceased Dimitri Asimov's attempt to subjugate the spirits, is still being brought back. It shall soon resume its duties of protection.
» The reawakening of Xotonal, one of the Patron Spirits of Moxtli is still a work in progress.
» The alliance with the Shimmering City has been renewed and stronger than ever. The people of Moxtli shall bring the fight to the vampires of Asphodel with Osrona's aid.
» The current Voice of Moxtli is Thorn Meztin, and the three Warchiefs are the following: Louen, Cedar Grace, Ektu Grace.
» The venerable Best Friend of Moxtli is still and will always be: Ty'raj Toryia.
» The current shamans are as followed: Xuelian Bei-Feng, Kiemi'a Shezorei, Atagi Taiyang, Uma Moon.
» Of note, there is one Mistseer within Moxtli; Alre Ghede
» There is talk of a festival in the works, the Saekanni seems to be returning to Moxtli. 

Current relations to Moxtli:
- Osrona is an ALLY.
- The Fireblooded are an ALLY
- Achyon is an ENEMY.
- Asphodel is an ENEMY.
- Aesirheim are NEUTRAL.
- The Shadowmire is NEUTRAL.
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