State of Esshar
[Image: CtOE77pUNfS8otY1DN4ApivTygza1Ldw7MfUJ006...FpY62JCYb5]
“You will not just be crushed 
for your dissent
You will be disintegrated.”

The battle for Silverwall Mines was, from a military standpoint, a rousing success. Achyon’s forces 
decimated Osrona’s and gained the upper hand. But…
The battle for Silverwall Mines was, from a personal standpoint, a terrible heartbreak. Despite the number of victories 
won on Achyon’s side, or the number of captives and deaths which occurred, Osrona’s single captive was one of importance.
With the refusal of the Commander’s offer to trade Orain ven Pelleaux, the Archmagi’s own son, for his daughter 
Xenia pyr Docro, Ryker did precisely as he said he would. He executed the heir to house Pelleaux on the spot and 
ordered Asher, a Knight within the Second Dawn to be executed as well. Amori killed Ryker’s daughter in turn.
Orain’s body was further taken by the Commander himself, to prevent Osrona the ability to 
bury it, or even possibly bring it back to life. It was disintegrated shortly after.
Xenia’s corpse was buried next to her mother, under a tree next to the Docro Manor. The Commander, 
despite the success of the counter effort, was not seen for many days. Eventually, more 
official statements were released, as well as a letter written by the man himself.

ᔸ Progress never stops it’s eternal march for anyone. Achyon, after successfully defending their rightful ownership of Silverwall Mines, now looks to the next closest target: The Temple of Eos. What the empire of Barsburg wishes to do with such a sacred place is a mystery, however foreboding it may be.

ᔸ Due to their excellence in the field of battle as well as exceptional leadership the following soldiers have been promoted:

To the rank of Corporal:
Kael Vorso
Atlas Akar
Dernurst (no last name? Officials scratch their head.)

To the rank of Sergeant:
Dimitri Asimov
Ksena Delisle
Alexei pyr Docro
Bianca Ignacio

To the rank of Captain:
Julian Sodynym (Officials apologize for their earlier mistake)
Julius pyr Aertas

ᔸ Achyon’s alliance with the Deep Company has been resolidified with their showcasing during the raid, helping to beat Osrona away from their efforts to claim the mines. Whatever had been agreed upon was kept silent, with only soldiers knowing what they needed to know.

ᔸ There are many projects being worked on consecutively within the Empire’s colony city. If you’re interested, please speak with Captain Marcel Delisle, Sergeant Akrites Fitz-Empress, or the premiere Synthetic technician and doctor, Amelia Locke pyr Aertas. There are also rumors of the Technomancers being revived by the Synthetic Artificer Lucy. If interested, find her!

ᔸ There are public bounties posted most recently by the Commander himself, with their reasons being listed:
Isana pyr Aertas - Traitor to the Empire of Barsburg, murderer of Xenia pyr Docro. Price discussed on receipt of the body.
Ariadne ven Pelleaux - ‘She spit on my daughter’s corpse.’ Price: 100,000 coins
Amori ven Pelleaux - ‘He murdered my daughter’. Self explanatory. Price: 1 coin

The statement from the Commander has been released, officially:

“This is what you believe in, Osrona? When you lose completely you allow your tyrannical king to make foolish decisions which lead not to the death of a minimized amount of soldiers, but his very own son? A heartless, cruel bastard that I am, I recognize the folly of such a move. I offered your Archmagi the chance to trade Xenia for his son and he refused.

I always do precisely as I say.
How many times must I repeat myself before you all listen?
Do not fuck with me.
Do not fuck with the Family.
Do not fuck with Barsburg.
You allow Occultists within your midst to fight for you while deriding Achyon’s own people? Foolish.

To my cousin Geztelle: I would have apologized for the untimely death of your son, but the fault lies squarely on your husband’s shoulders. Don’t look the other way at this grave injustice he performed against your family.
For those who understand the gravity of what your Archmagi did, do not allow him to run your city into the ground. I am offering you a chance here and now.
Embrace the Empire’s ideals of progress for humanity.

For clearly, the man chosen by your Goddess has failed you repeatedly.
Take your fate into your own hands.

Commander Ryker pyr Docro
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: moxtlibackground.png]
[Image: moxtlitext.png]

| 1829 AC |
As the world falls apart around them, word spreads from the Tribes of the succession of Leadership between mother and son.

"As a people, the Moxtli have to stand together. For one, for all, we have always been one."
"..Always will I watch over this place, and my people. As I swore long ago, so should it come to pass."
--D'noxa Aba, former Voice of Moxtli
- Former voice of the Moxtli people, D'noxa Aba has passed on, with eyewitnesses detailing how the aging warrior transcended her corporeal form to become a guardian of the Forests.
- Eztli Meztin has been named her successor, carrying on the will of the Moxtli people. He emerges from the forest depths to personally leave an announcement.
Quote:"From the moment Osrona marched together with the likes of Achyon to rob Moxtli of their land, our fate was sealed. Together, the two city-states dealt a blow so heavy that the effects are still felt to this day. Amori robbed us of treasured family and friends; and while I remain neutral to events from decades past, I cannot ignore the Ire still felt through our Elders."
"As the Voice of our people, I have been tasked to pick up the pieces of what once was and to help heal and grow from our age-old wounds. It is still my intention to eventually repair relations between the tribes and Osrona, but not while such a man is seen as the embodiment of what they represent,"
"Until we stand proud once more, I deem it in our best interests to focus our efforts inwards instead of towards the wanton blood-shed that surrounds us. And so I will focus my time in ensuring the newer generation of Moxtli are prepared for the trials ahead of them."
--Eztli Meztin, twink Voice of Moxtli

[*]K'ruthix, no longer bound to the will of D'noxa, continues to remain vigilant. Awaiting the day their enemies attempt to march upon their soil.
[*]Talks of re-established relations between the tribes and the shimmering city have been postponed until a new Archmagi represents them.
[*]Eztli Meztin intends to finish the work started by his mother, it is said he seeks the aid of willing Nature-Magi.
[*]It seems that Moxtli has taken up a more isolationist approach. Having kicked out many outsiders said to contribute nothing to the tribes. If you own a house or stall and are not a member of the tribes, you are more than likely going to lose it.
[*]Adelera has been named Warchief, and Ty'raj Toryia has been named best-friend and advisor to Eztli Meztin. Ranked positions are open to those who prove themselves worthy.
[*]In a bid to spark life/interest and strengthen bonds, talks have been arranged with members of the Fire-blooded to host a tournament for the newer generations of both settlements. The prize is said to be monetary alongside the chance to win a Mop (It's a strong Mop) & special Dagger.
[*]Those wishing to learn more about Spirits and Moxtli culture are said to seek out Eztli Meztin, Kairos Hayes or Ariel Cirque.
[*]Moxtli as a whole remains passive to the current war, acting only in self-defence as they focus their efforts on growing.

 Current relations to Moxtli:
- Osrona and the Deep Company are Neutral
- Achyon is an Enemy
- The Fireblood are an Ally
[Image: osrona-title.png]
1829 AC

"On the cusp of destroying that which we hold sacred, we fight stronger than ever. They claim us villains while their people attempt to haughtily trample and persecute ours in vengeance and disdain. We have felt the echoes of our heritage, our worship, and our hearts crying out. Though outnumbered, we have laid triumphant over Achyon's forces, however small a victory it may be. We will continue to defend our home and our beliefs, now and forever. Let them spit on our name all they please. The wolves will not devour us, and whatever fate may await us, it is surely one that is better than theirs." - Rhesus DeLaurentis, Stellus of the Celestial Church.

 Osrona attains victory over Achyon in defense of the Temple of Eos. It stands tall, its secrets remaining elusive to all those that seek to harm it.

 Several promotions were issued. Elise Soleis was promoted to the rank of Lightbearer. Teagan Alankrantz and Ermir to the rank of Radiant, with Dallan Aegeus being given the special title of Templar of Eos.

 Archmagi Amori has officially stepped down, leaving Osrona in the care of a younger council. Current members include Esther ven GrimmoreRhesus DeLaurentis, the newly appointed Lightbearer and Radiants, as well as the High Priestess Valeria ven Pelleaux and her husband Cortado Pelleaux.

Osrona prepares its march after decades to initiate their next Primordial Trial and locate the one worthy of the title of Archmagi.

 Business talks between the tribes of the Moxtli and Osrona are approaching the ears of the public.

 Recruitment into the Order is being pushed for aspirants who aim to help combat the threat of the enemy on Osrona's horizon.

✦ Star's Shelter, an orphanage for youths with nowhere to turn to was recently opened up by Lucas Alder.
[Image: UemXOPj.png]
The Deep Company - 1832AC
"I shoulda' seen it comin' a mile away."
- - -

With recent events transpiring between the Deep Company, Achyon, and the Mire; The newly appointed Captain of the Deep Company comes forth with their first set of political choices; ones that would upset the peaceful balance that had befallen over the Company.

For every calm of the sea, a storm were always waiting to strike, after all. The waters have been still for far too long.

Quote:Dull, were the voice of the newly appointed Captain, who grinned through injuries that left their armor dented, burnt and bloodied; their normal, angered tone much more mute than it had ever been before.

"People o' tha Deep; t'day marks a day where we's no longer sittin' pretty, havin' our toes stepped on time 'n time again. We ain' standin' fer it any longer."

"Effective immediately, all ties with Achyon are ta be severed. We's no longer maintainin' an alliance with tha Cogs; and fer those pesky mosquito's?"

"We's puttin their heads on pikes. Every las' fuckin one o' em, til they can't reproduce no more."

  • Blight Reave is now the Captain of the Deep Company.
  • Mori Reave has since resigned from leadership of the Company.
  • The Deep Company is actively allowing those of the Mire to join their ranks amidst the crew to take up arms, with recent offences against the Mire from Achyon.
  • Active pursuit has been placed onto the Vampires, declaring them kill on sight for repeated transgressions in the Reef, and Western Esshar.
  • A universal toll of five hundred coin applies to all traversing the beach, and will be enforced by the pirates in the area.
  • Rumors of recurring nightmares involving drowning have begun to plague the non-magi populace of Essharan villages and rural communities on the westernmost expanse of Esshar, neighboring the Reef.
[Image: UBrCUN9nfW5BzTdYsmMQ_1S5rv_6hYGn-xsqCylK...y456fKSF9Q]
1832 AC
"What? The Deep Company are our enemies? Again? Fish really do have short memories..."

ᔸ Following years of speculation that it had been abolished, the Iron Council of Achyon makes its return. Affairs of state shortly resume, with the first official meeting of the council resulting in several passed articles announced by Councilwoman and Synthetic Lucy. Rumours of a failed article abolishing the Commander's veto remain unsubstantiated.

ᔸ The feeding on of Achyon citizens by Vampires regardless of circumstances has been outlawed by the Iron Council upon punishment of fang removal for violators. In circumstances in which the Vampire was the aggressed upon, they are free to defend themselves as necessary, but the explicit feeding on of citizens will result in the same punishment. This has been determined as not applying retroactively.

ᔸ Captain Julius pyr Aertas has been made the official leading General of the continued campaign against the Osronans. The men and women of Achyon's Hand remain stalwart in their intent to see the full conquest of the peninsula 'no matter how desperately the Osronans pray for their blind goddess to save them', reports say. Recruitment is in full swing; embrace your patriotism and join today!

ᔸ The sale of Sylavanum within Achyon remains illegal, despite reports of widespread use of the drug. Furthermore, by rule of the Iron Council of Achyon, individuals discovered selling Sylavanum to military personnel in particular will face greater fines and/or jail time than presently mandated. Military Personnel confirmed to be using Sylavanum risk demotion, suspension of wages, and will be detained in a dry-cell until their addiction is broken. Additionally, random drug testing has been mandated amongst Achyon’s Hand to ensure that the law is adhered to. The announcement is considered a major step towards ensuring maximum discipline in the Achyonian ranks!

ᔸ The Iron Council wishes to make it clear they are still more than willing to negotiate for the release of Sergeant Bianca Ignacio; every citizen of the Empire has value! Osronan High Command is invited to send letters to discuss said negotiations to either Captain Marcel Delisle or Councilwoman Lucy herself, and remind Osrona that -given their reported alignment with the Moxtli- Achyon currently has the Moxtli tribesman named 'Toratori' in custody and may be willing to trade.

 ᔸ Following the announcement of Captain Blight Reave, Achyon officials were reported to remark that this was 'more interesting the last four times the pirates did this' and that any aggression would be met tenfold. If the Deep Company desire conflict, they will have it.

ᔸ The Auction for Radiant Teagan Alankrantz was a rousing success, the Radiant ultimately sold to Titus pyr Aertas. Councilwoman Lucy politely remarked that 'the more Osrona shows how little it values its Knights, the harder it is to take them seriously as an actual threat'. 
[Image: Q6ljDF7.png]
The Shadowmire - 1833 AC

Quote:"You are quite the well fated one outsider. You are witnessing a moment in history few would even dream of."

"Friends of the Mire. Kin. With the blessing of Mother, the support of the Faith, and many of the Mire, I'm here to make this declaration. I shall lead us. From henceforth, I shall be the Lady of the Mire and lead us through Esshar...

Should you disagree, your time to contest me is now."

Whispers and rumors emanate from the Mire. The Fae Priestess, Xian Antirrhinum declared herself the leader of the Mire. No one spoke against her as she issued her proclamations, setting a more organized direction for the den of monsters. The following is what information could be gleaned from the chaos within the Mire, as it seemed several incidents happened during the Fairy's address.
  • In the wake of the announcement from the Pirates, the Mire has reciprocated their gesture. The Deep Company is allowed to walk the sacred grounds, exempt from the tithe.
  • Any denizen who's worked with enemies of the Mire has until 1834 AC to be absolved of their treachery. To receive this absolution they must report it to one of the Faith, preferably Lady Xian Antirrhinum or Orator Nill.
  • Vampires are to be hunted ruthlessly.
  • The Cult of Nyx's power is expanded. Joining it is NOT a requirement, but respect of the Faith is. Disrespect given to the followers of Nyx will be punished harshly.
  • Outside of the Mire, anything except the aiding of enemies, or attacking of denizens is still permitted.
  • Lady Antirrhinum has two personal projects and several other goals in the works, the lost and confused should seek her out for direction, should they desire it.
[Image: unknown.png]

— 1833AC —

Our world is beautiful.
It would be a shame to waste it.

First and foremost, Starfall Academy's staff wishes to congratulate all of its recent Graduates. While not every single year was blessed with the same opportunities and accommodations each and every single one of you have proven yourselves in one way or another and your diploma are a proof of such. Moving on, after over a decade since its popular opening the Academy has changed quite a bit and so, we at the Academy believe it would be best to introduce you all to the current staff.

Headmaster, Ethric Athelier
Professor of Physical Education, Haarper Aertas
Professor of Applied Magic, Rosemarin Loire
Professor of Artificery, Clotho Moira
Professor of Alchemy, Sylva Aerta
Professor of Pyromancy, Dallan Aegeus
Professor of Writing and Poetry, Hironori Kamiya
Professor of Exorcism, Chaska Alder
Professor of Runecasting, Henry de Vir
Warden of Starfall, Seifer Gardios

Haruki Taiyang has decided to retire from his position of Warden after many years and we all thank him for it. Entrusting the Irradiated Shrine to his replacement, Seifer Gardios, the kitsune has high hopes for the future and can be seen on the premises of Starfall from time to time taking care of the new light in his life. Naturally, the new Warden has decided to use this opportunity to speak on his intent.

Quote:"The old man claimed that Jiuweihu's light has little room in a region such as Esshar, one brimming with Primordials and their devout followers. I do not intend on changing the Shrine's name, but its purpose will be renewed. The Irradiated Shrine will be a place where all and any Primordial can receive praise and prayer. It opens its doors to anyone, no matter the nation they hail from, so long as mutual respect exists. Should you be misunderstood, feeling alone, lost, or in need of aid the Shrine's staff will welcome you with open arms."

The Irradiated Shrine welcomes Ektu Eidu as its first staff member and wishes to send a message to all of those who are currently living within the temple inviting them to meet with the new Warden. Should no one present themselves the room they live in will be vacated by the end of the year. As is tradition with the Irradiated Shrine, Seifer Gardios asks of those who wish to use the rooms to seek his approval first, 'lest we wish to repeat issues even the Shrine's founder had with strangers claiming ownership.

Finally, Starfall Academy remains open for children of all nation. Its 5-year program is something we believe any aspiring magi could benefit from. Classes, school trips, and expeditions are handled by the professors themselves should you have any questions.
[Image: gFHTeBg.png]

[Image: osrona-title.png]

The year is 1834 AC.

In her light, we saw echoes of our heritage, dating back to our very beginning itself. We learned much about our Goddess, being graced with her very appearance. It is through her light that we were given the strength to forge on with whatever hardships awaited us in her Temple. It is through her judgement that I, Rhesus DeLaurentis, now stand as the Archmagi of my home. I swear to dedicate each waking day of my life to the betterment of our city and Esshar as a whole. I will listen to the words and insight of those around me in order to reach a future where our sons and daughters will no longer toil as we now do. Our city has enemies, but also does it have allies through good faith and like-minded dreams. Never more has our heritage been more richer. The new era is upon us, my people. Let us be the first to greet it.

- Archmagi Rhesus DeLaurentis.

 Rhesus DeLaurentis has been named the next Archmagi, bequeathed upon him by the Primordial Goddess Eos.

✦ The new Archmagi is to be wed soon. Shortly following it will be a tournament in order to help decide the one who will be the next wielder of Sanctus, the armor of Aelrin Alcast, the first of Eos' Chosen. A prize pool is also in the works. Aside from the obvious, people all over are invited to attend!

✦ Elise Soleis has stepped down from her position as Lightbearer. Teagan Alankrantz was named her successor following her retirement. Similarly, the former Stellus has passed on the mantle to Valeria ven Pelleaux, leaving the Church and its operations in her care.

✦ An official alliance has been made between Osrona, Moxtli and those of the Fireblooded. Word quickly spreads of its leaders having convened at Starfall roughly a year or so ago to discuss the details.

✦ Evictions were being doled out to certain people in possession of high-class houses in Osrona. Those not of permanent or inactive residence within Osrona's homes are made vacant. Similarly, those with no history of loyalty to the city were expunged.

While not directly allied due to their history and inherent nature, a temporary truce has been made between both Osrona and the Deep Company that will last as long as the ongoing war.

In the year 1834 AC, Osrona has the following territories to her name:
Osrona: +3000c, +Sacred weapons and knowledge of priesthood. Once the capital of Esshar.
Grimmore Manor: +2000c. A large manor that houses secrets of the ancient nobility.
Starfall: +1500c. A small island that was constructed by a treaty between nations some years ago.
Celestial Ruins: +1500c. A forgotten temple that was once said to house a goddess of the stars. 
Baleford Bridge: +1500c. A large bridge that acts as the main hub for trade and commerce.

In the year 1834 AC, Osrona has the following relations with other states:
Moxtli are allies.
Achyon are enemies.
Fireblooded are allies.
Deep Company are neutral.
[Image: moxtlibackground.png]
[Image: moxtlitext.png]

After Moxtli’s Festival, Shaman Balam had this to say to his people and the world.

Quote:"Moxtli Enters a new era where Peace and Prosperity will not always last, Which is why Chieftain Eztli and Warchief Thorn and myself have worked tirelessly to accomplish the goals of our tribe. We are no longer a tribe of many but a single united tribe under the guidance of one voice. The Spirits suffer in Esshar, They scream in pain due to the evil that has corrupted it. Yet it is not a single man, or nation's responsibility to quell evil. Do not expect Shamanism and the spirit world to be a cure for your desires. For it is the spirits who shape our destiny not the other way around." The shaman idles as he speaks yet he is prepared to summon the courage.

"The Spirit Guardians are our protectors and will forevermore be cemented in Moxtli history. We are One Tribe, With Many goals. And we will see them all to a conclusion. I ask all who desire to Attune to spirits and to connect with nature to join our fold. Moxtli will forever and always be the Bastion of the Spirits of Balance and our goal is to Protect the Domain of the Spirits."

Though that wasn’t all.

"Newly dubbed War-Chief, T'ahrah Tahl, has called for a war of disarmament and implores Osrona does the same. To focus not on executions, maiming, or 'eye for an eye' tactics, but for the disarming of Achyon soldiers- of their equipment and their weapons before sending them home. To be better, and do better by humanity. Needless to say, vampires are exempt and liable to be slain on sight by the Moxtli for the time being, Traitors may also not receive this kindness, it is up to deliberation... If the Moxtli will actually try to change their ways to stick to this new mindset, has yet to be seen…”

-Head Shaman Balam


Spirit Guardian recruitment is underway. The Tribelands seem to be arming themselves for protection and future confrontations.

It is said that during the Festival, a fight had taken place between warrior T’ahrah and a traitorous Ghoul that ended with the latter subsequently surrendering their freedom. Their fate currently remains up in the air.

Ariel Cirque has been named as the champion of Moxtli, and thus in the name of Eznite, she is to be treated as one would a Shaman or Chieftain until another Champion is named. 

T'ahrah Tahl, Thorn Meztin, and Louen have all been named War-Chiefs following the departure of Adelera and her abandonment of the tribes.

The Plan to revive Xotonal is underway! Those who wish to join should be prepared to undergo spiritual training and mental fortification rituals. 

Head Shaman Balam is seeking Apprentices to become Shamans who work under him, To solve spiritual matters. As the Head Shaman is busy he is only capable of taking on three promising Apprentices. The trials of becoming a shaman are said to be horrific only those brave of heart and pure of desire should step forwards!

The tribes have taken a more aggressive stance in the current war-efforts, with many tribesmen seen actively assisting Osrona on the battlefield.

The next festival will be soon! The festival of Dusk and Dawn will be a celebration of the Divine Spirits Asena and Saekanis, and appeasement will be made to Saekanis (a ritual that has been neglected for some years.) 

Head Shaman Balam intends to teach all who are of the tribe of the spirits and Moxtli's culture and traditions while also creating new ones for future generations to follow and add upon, Outsiders are not privy to all of Moxtli's secrets.

Moxtli supports the efforts of the Sands of Time.

Current relations to Moxtli:
- The Deep Company are Neutral
- Osrona is an Ally
- The Fireblood is an Ally
- Achyon remains an Enemy

"Amongst our tribe members are those who have embodied the will of the spirits those who have taken an oath to pledge themselves in defense of Moxtli and its efforts. To appease and quell the ancient and dark and even the evil spirits that have plagued our people since the Pandemonium Chase first touched these shores."
[Image: nikolay-razuev-ship3-s3.jpg?1434422939]
The Deep Company - 1835AC

"Set tha' sails, lads."
- - -
Some might've seen the odd influx of Osronan Activity through the Reef within the most recent months, and more times than naught, those same individuals are granted passage without so much as being stopped; for the noteworthy, at least. Following recent political discussion between the kingdom and the Deep Company, the sirenian Captain makes announcement of the conclusion's drawn, so that all might be aware and up to date on such changes.
Quote:"Ma people o' th'Reef;

T'day marks a day o' progression for our people; No longer are we ta pick tha' pockets o' tha kingdom due north; fer as of today, Osrona has b'come exempt from tha' universal toll applied ta all that cross tha Reef with a beatin' heart.

But that ain' all; with th'newfound absence of pockets t'pick, tha toll fer tha Reef is bein' jacked up ta a thousand coins compensate for a volume o' traffic."

Unreasonable at best; but when had that ever stopped the crew of pirates?
- - -

  • A taxed ceasefire has been declared between Osrona and the Deep Company, to preserve the coin of commoners, meaning Osronan's are to be given free passage through the Reef, and visa-versa applying to Osrona's markets. Individuals to act against this clause will be administered befitting consequence by Blight themselves.
  • The effort against Vampires is being doubled down.
  • The Deep Company will be aiding the Mire in their effort's against the Docro's in the coming month.
  • Those curious enough to pay attention to the happenings upon the beach might've noticed a surplus of supplies being loaded into ships; hulls being conditioned and prepared for an evident voyage.
  • The toll to pass through the Reef has been doubled, to 1000 Coins.
Current relations to the Deep Company:
- Moxtli and the Fireblooded are Neutral
- Osrona is at a Temporary Ceasefire
- The Mire is a valued, mutual Beneficiary
- Achyon is an Enemy
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