Seer of ChronosLegacies Long Forgotten; the Revival
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"The storm is in my bones. Then, now, and always."

is known as the magic that all men know. Science and magic both agree that the flow of time varies with the observer, that time itself is hardly the constant that it initially seems. Esoteric doctrines claim time is an illusion. Even those who accept Time is forward march, 
more or less, still discover that the eddies, currents, and branching paths of time are far more manifold and mutable than most people would ever guess.

Magi studying Time magic agree that the world is full of unexpected whorls and vortices of temporal disturbance. Time contracts around some places and dilates at others, though the regimentation of scientific time means that such phenomena are not as common as they once were. In unusual circumstances, time may loop back on itself, make jumps and rifts to past or future, or diverge in multiple streams.

Where do you stand?

Synopsis: The Petrakis lineage is vast, yet never forgotten; shards of their memories and power are stocked in the blood of Osronan royalty even in these dying times, although those stuck up nobles do not wish to unlock them, the way their ancestors did.

A shame.

If they will not, then I will. If they do not desire to follow in their past King's footsteps, then I will. The power of the Petrakis lineage...some have forgotten it, but I shalt bring it back, it shalt be mine, even if it means ramming through hordes of Nethradin and raiding dungeons long forgotten by whatever Deity those Osronans bow their heads to. The power will be mine, even if it brings me to the lowest depths of Nysea. I will not return empty-handed, for the betterment of myself and that of humankind. I am a revolutionary. I will have brought change, in the past, present, and in future.

For the Empire.

- Akrites Fitz-Empress' log journal, the page is written somewhere in the middle of 1824 AC.

Character/Key: Akrites Fitz-Empress/ Skeeper04
Attendees: Akrites Fitz-Empress, Niffty, Dominik pyr Docro, Marcel Delisle.
Tone: Eerie, Time-related quizzes, and mysteries, sudden shifts through Timelines, unlocking of knowledge long forgotten.
Risk: CoD, severity up to the DM.
Reward: Temporal knowledge or Time-related dev items. Essentially, something to lead up to Chronos or aid with the development of a Unique item. 
DM: Ry0un0suke.
Time to run the event I wanted ran. Make a group chat.
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