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Since Rhoynish won't be a thing, clearly create a monkey-themed race and give them their racials. Abandon humanity, accept Monkey.
so like, we have synths but we don't have cars?! I'm saying, add a taxi at least!

[Image: b0RoC4e.png]
I do think we should be able to have more basic technological advancements and maybe let some more modern themed playbys slide in, especially because of Barsburg, if you’re telling me that giant animatronic war tanks and basically skyscrapers, that Barsburg didn’t at one point create jeans, nylon, and the zipper, I’m actually baffled
To be honest, people were tolerant to the small details like zippers, or modern jackets even before Barsburg.

But I think that extremely high-tech futuristic characters with a lot of flashing thingies may not fit here.
[Image: 17vz0Y1_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]

the reference image for the entity feels pretty high tech to me. i just assume that barsburg introduced technology that is like garlemald’s from final fantasy’s tech. which integrates flashy technology into a fantasy setting pretty well all things considered
I swear I'm not...
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I'm not owned guys.
I like to think that Eternia isn't modern day fantasy like Final Fantasy 7 with futuristic aspects but more like a middle ground between final fantasy like tech and dragon quest/One Piece with small primitive versions of telephones and stuff that work through a mix of magic and technology.

Introducing cars and planes is a bad feel! Trains and maybe industrial revolution era like tech with magic aspects seems to fit much better.
Eitherway it is, maybe add something similar to Armed and Unarmed styles, but for weapons, with certain spells to cast with a gun? Long-distance root snipe, high damage that leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds? High burst forwards similar to Flurry Slash? There are some other ideas and the team can get creative

[Image: b0RoC4e.png]
Is the ability to rename / change the description of food going to be in?
[Image: unknown.png]
Has there been any ideas/lore on what exactly the vampires are gonna be and where they're gonna come from? I'm very interested in being one for my next character if the idea goes through. So, how are vampires gonna work in this new environment? Will they be related to the other 'occult' groups? Or will they be their own seperate thing entirely?
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