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Quest name: Experiment subjects needed.
Difficulty: Low/medium CoI     There will be no perm injuries.
Pre-Requisites: Can consume at least 25 more stat potions.
Recommended AND maximum number of participants: 3
Reward: The benefits of the experimentation.
DM: Edetha#8944

This is EXPLICITLY meant to be an event for new players who are interested in the game.  Do NOT worry about being too low of RPL.

Flyers have been posted in various locations.

Quote:HELLO new mages.  I am  PROFESSOR WHIMBELTON THE MAD!  The exclamation point is a part of my name, be SURE to pronounce it correctly!

Surely we have all heard of the miraculous 'permanent' booster potions, such as powerx and vitalityx.  Tragically, they can prove quite costly to a new mage.  As such, I am working to develop alternative ways to create the same power increase.  I am nearing the final stages of my experiment, and need willing test subjects.  Preferably new mages.  Powerful mages have a tendency to explode from my experiments.  Investigation into that matter is ongoing.

Only smart people who can follow simple instructions need apply!

TWO slots taken already.

ONE slot remaining.


The subjects don't need to have known each other before.
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