From the desk of the High Keeper Melody lux Vel Kruger

Duties for the Keepers are more than just fighting, so will list out the major duties that a Keeper is in charge of.
  • Fight in battle to protect the souls of those fighting. Offering prayers and last rites for soldiers. Only by being a fighter yourself may you understand what a soldier is going through.
  • Protect the relics of the temple
  • Know the history and caretaking of each relic of the temple. Keepers should be knowledgeable about history for this very reason.
  • Guard duty at the Churches in the care of Osrona.
  • Eliminate threats of Occult, Demons, Vampires, Monsters, and Witchcraft.
  • Memorize prayers applicable to the battlefield

Hopefully with these bullet points, Keepers and those considering to be Keepers, will now have a better understanding of what is partially expected of you.
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