BlazeNight3Wolfie DM
Key/Character: Pirated Super Nintendo/Link Baiano

Which Event: Bones, hides and flesh

Responsiveness (Were their narrations posted within a reasonable time-frame and were they quick to respond?): Yes! Nothing to be complained about it here.
Balance (How entertaining were the battles, and any obstacles/traps?): So.

I feel that, for a high-cod, this was a tad bit too easy! We frankly received more injuries on the other event with Wolfie and The Gang (vanreths (including hina), annete & yours truly) than on this one, which is... somewhat weird. But at least the fights were fun! Albeit unfair, probably -- but unfair because it was kinda easy.

I don't know. Perhaps I'm just used to Zealot's events were we constantly suffer -- or I'm just a fucking pro gamer.
Storytelling (Did it feel like an adventure, did the content of the narrations meet your expectations?): Yes, this was perfect!
Fairness (Were the punishments justified and earned, was the risk to reward ratio good?): I was a replacement, so I got what Annete should've got. It's perfectly understandable, frankly, but considering this was, again, a high cod... we could've at least gotten some arc. (please i beg you i cant stop wasting money on shitty fucking lootboxes this hurts)

But alas.

Great event, great DM -- horrible players. Fuck you Ash and Didos the next time I'm forced to do a puzzle because of you I'm throwing both of you into a lava pit (irl)

Overall: I'm never doing puzzles ever again. I'm also sorry for constantly riftstepping out of the box but that was mostly on accident. 


[Image: unknown.png]

blessed be dandeli
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