ailHel's Culling
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"Things have gotten terrible, haven't they? We gained ground on Novus, yet were forced to defend the World Tree seed, for who knows what would've come of this realm, should we have faltered. When the call was made to rally against Promethea, an opportunity arrived. A bit of light flourished within all of this darkness! We were to tear down their walls, shut down the rift gate within their domain, and put an end to the demon flood that pours through it!

But, we failed. One of their titans fell, yet chaos still reigns.

We set out to destroy their lands, to prevent the destruction of this realm.

Set out to make ourselves hypocrites, to protect a world that's seemingly trying to turn itself into a fetid, rotten,


...and we failed.

Tragic, isn't it?


Alas, times are changing, and so must we. There are far more willing to support demons, than demons themselves, so to keep prancing around as Demon Slayers is no longer fitting. Simply, Slayers, is more accurate. Especially considering the ogre corpse pile you beautiful cretins have created...."

-Those who enact Hel's culling will thusly be referred to as 'Slayers'.
-Finely Ghede, Ten Ino, and Ren have all been granted the rank Slayer for their efforts.
-The three aforementioned can be approached for recruitment, or training.
-Reynaud, resident blood-nut, has been made head of the Slayer research team.
-Rumors of an anti-rift project begin to circulate throughout Moxtli.
-A trip to Theria is in the works, likely related to the bullet point above! (I bet u all forgot about the riftgate in theria, pepperidge kale didn't)
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